Brazil's Newest Riachuelo Class Submarine Has Surprising Facts Compared To France's Scorpene Class

Brazil's Newest Riachuelo Class Submarine Has Surprising Facts Compared To France's Scorpene Class
Brazil's Newest Riachuelo Class Submarine Has Surprising Facts Compared To France's Scorpene Class

International Military - Recently, information about the new Brazilian submarine (Riachuelo class) is being discussed a lot. Because Brazil's first Riachuelo class has just completed its sea trials and is now actively operating in the Brazilian Navy.

Quoted from on September 2, 2022, the Riachuelo class was first launched in 2018. After being first launched, this is the first submarine of the Brazilian Navy to undergo direct trials. However, from launch to the final stage of testing the first Riachuelo class, it takes a long time.

It is known that the time it takes from launch to official service is approximately 3 years. From a long time, this submarine has many advantages over the others. Especially there is an explanation of the advantages of the Riachuelo class over the previous Scorpene class.

Reported from 2 September 2022, compared to the previous Scorpene class the Riachuelo class has a stretched hull. As a result, this submarine is able to provide better resistance in the water. With this explanation, this submarine belonging to the Brazilian underwater fleet is superior in terms of durability. Especially the issue of better endurance in the water is a distinct advantage of the Riachuelo class.

France's Scorpene Class Submarine 

In addition, the Riachuelo class has a surface transfer weight that is not so large. It is explained if the weight of the surface displacement is around 1,600 – 2,000 tons. With this weight makes this submarine has an overall length of about 72 meters.

Then for the speed when in the water the Riachuelo class can reach more than 20 knots. That means this submarine is capable of sailing at a maximum speed of more than 37 km / h when underwater. Then the most slick of this submarine is a matter of very stunning diving power.

It is explained that the diving power of the Riachuelo class can be more than 300 meters. With a very deep diving power makes this submarine difficult to detect. Apart from that it has a very small crew.

It is known that the crew of the Riachuelo class is only about 35 people. From a crew of only 35 people, it has high technology in it. Especially about the advanced computerized and automated technology in the Riachuelo class.

In addition, the Riachuelo class has a very long durability. The endurance of this submarine can reach 45 days. If you want to extend the endurance of this submarine, it can be more than 45 days if there is additional logistics supply. Moreover it also has a range of advanced systems and makes it superior in any operation. From offensive to defensive missions this submarine is capable of doing well.

Then for deep sea and shallow sea missions, it becomes the reliability of the Riachuelo class. It is therefore capable of carrying out infiltration, exfiltration, torpedo deployment, and reconnaissance missions. As for the Carrier Strike Group escort mission, this submarine can also be carried out but is limited.
Brazil's Newest Riachuelo Class Submarine

It should also be noted that the Riachuelo class has a total load of up to 18 weapons. That means starting from HWT torpedoes, SLCM anti-ship missiles are capable of being carried by these submarines. While the tube weapons that are on him can reach 6 pieces.

There are rumors that Brazil's Riachuelo class is equipped with the most advanced torpedoes from France. And the most sophisticated French torpedo used in this submarine is the F21 which makes Brazil the first user of this torpedo outside France. As a result, he has a very scary and high-quality underwater weapon.

In addition, the Brazilian Navy submarine itself will have 2 units. Like the Riachuelo class numbers S40, 41, 42, and 43. From the Riachuelo class from the Scorpene class, Brazil is the largest user of submarines made in France in the Southern Hemisphere.

Not only the most users, but the Brazilian Navy's Riachuelo class is the newest Scorpene class at this time and is claimed to be more sophisticated than Chile's Scorpene class. And there is an issue if the Brazilian Navy's Riachuelo class will gradually replace the German submarines on duty.

It is known that the current German submarine serving in the Brazilian Navy is the Tupi class which will be replaced by the Riachuelo class. Therefore, it is estimated that the Riachuelo class will become one of the most advanced submarines currently in South America. And this submarine is claimed to be superior to some of its competitors in the region.

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