Again Clashes With Britain, Russian Warships Perform Unexpected Maneuvers by Starting to Move West

Again Clashes With Britain, Russian Warships Perform Unexpected Maneuvers by Starting to Move West
Russian Warships Perform Unexpected Maneuvers by Starting to Move West

International Military - In early August, Britain detected a submarine near its waters. The British Royal Navy (Royal Navy) found a large object in the waters near the country. The Royal Navy looks at one of Russia's most secretive nuclear submarines.

Quoted from Defense View, the submarine is known to be Project 855 Yasen. The British Royal Navy found the submarine after the radar on the warship and P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft went off. They detected a Russian Yasen-class submarine in the North Sea, close to British territorial waters.

The Royal Navy warship has been observing the Russian submarine since it appeared in the North Sea on July 16. In addition to warships and Poseidon aircraft, helicopters also played a role in finding Yasen Class submarines. Interestingly, the British allowed the Russian submarines to pass because no dangerous response was found.

Even so, the discovery of the Yasen Class submarine became a major event for the surrounding region. Because the Russian nuclear submarine is a serious threat to the navies of NATO countries. In fact, the ship is often compared to US submarines, which can both launch cruise missiles.

But these Russian submarines have superior capabilities to the US small and light submarines. And recently, the Royal Navy found a Russian Slava Warship approaching British territory.

The cruiser headed for the British submarine base. Amid rising tensions with the West, Russian ships made an unexpected maneuver. They took the route near the Irish Sea, where the territory itself was adjacent to England.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, the Russian Navy fleet entered Ireland on August 30, 2022. The ships are believed to be circling the UK, and will approach the submarine base Faslane. The Slava was accompanied by the destroyer Udaloy, Vice-Admiral Kulakov and the tanker Vyazma.

Surprisingly, Russia usually takes the route of the English Channel or the west coast of Ireland. This was done with the aim of avoiding clashes with the British Royal Navy. Seeing the incident, the British immediately deployed the Duke Class frigate HMS Lancaster before the Russian ships transited through the Irish Sea.

And sure enough, the transit allowed Russia to approach the Royal Navy's Faslane submarine base. At the base are nuclear deterrence submarines and the latest generation of hunter-killer submarines.

Citing the Eurasian Times, last January Russia did plan to conduct naval exercises in the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). However, at the time, the Irish Foreign Minister did not allow it. This is because Russia is deploying its fighter fleet on the Ukrainian border. And sure enough, the war finally happened to this point. Russia has finally dropped its intention to conduct offshore exercises. But the move on August 30 was seen as a provocative move. Moreover, there have been recent tensions between the British and Russian Ministry of Defense and giant military support to Ukraine.

Russia itself had threatened Britain with an ICBM named Sarmat which had carried out a test last April. On the British side, they broadcast anti-Russian narratives recently.

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