Sophisticated Of the CJ-10 Cruise Missile from Type 055 Destroyer, Called China's Tomahawk Missile

Sophisticated Of the CJ-10 Cruise Missile from Type 055 Destroyer, Called China's Tomahawk Missile
CJ-10 Long Sword / DH-10 land-attack cruise missile

International Military - The name of the CJ-10 Cruise Missile is not as famous as the Tomahawk from the United States. However, the function of the CJ-10 and Tomahawk missiles is clearly the same as a land attack missile.

Quoted from, the CJ-10 is a surface-to-ground attack type cruise missile. That means if this missile uses a warship-based system as its launch point.

It is known that the launch of the CJ-10 missile uses the Vertical Launching System (VLS) as its flagship. He also explained that there are 3 types of defense equipment in the Chinese Navy that are capable of carrying this missile.

Like the Type 052D, as well as the Type 055 Destroyer can carry CJ-10 missiles as a mainstay of surface-to-ground attacks. Moreover, if the Type 093A submarine is also capable of carrying this missile as a mainstay of its land attack. That means this missile is the same as the US Tomahawk which is usually launched from the Arleigh Burke class.

It was informed that the CJ-10 missile was made by the Third Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation. And China Haiying Academy of Electro-Mechanical Technology also contributed to this missile.

CJ-10 missile

The CJ-10 Cruise Missile can be modified with a nuclear warhead. Not only nuclear, but conventional warheads are on this missile. In addition, the CJ 10 missile was shown at a military parade held in 2009. That means that the DF 10 cruise missile is thought to have entered Chinese military service that year.

In addition, the CJ -0 missile has an impressive maximum range. It is explained if the cruising range of this missile can reach 2,000 kilometers. From the far cruising range, the CJ 10 missile is included in the strategic defense equipment.

Especially capable of being transported by Chinese warships and submarines and destroyers. Moreover, the advantages of this missile can be easily mobilized anytime and anywhere. Then for the CEP of the CJ-10 missile, it is only about 5-10 meters from the target position. With the CEP, the accuracy of this missile is very precise.

It is also informed that the warhead payload of the CJ-10 missile is about 450 kilograms. From these warheads, land-based strategic targets can be attacked with 1 attack by CJ-10 missiles. It is also informed that this missile can use a high-explosive warhead or submunitions.

The CJ-10 subministry missile can strike fighter aircraft on runways and tank columns. That means vital targets can be hit by CJ-10 missiles. Moreover, the matter of nuclear warheads and air explosives is in this Chinese missile.

With this warhead, this missile has a high quality of attack power. As a result, the CJ-10 missile can use the GLONASS satellite system and GPS for guidance. From the guide it is clear that this missile is of very high quality. There are also allegations that the CJ-10 missile has low flight power and subsonic speed.

That means that the response speed of the CJ-10 missile is very capable and of high quality. Especially about the placement of this missile on the Type 055 Chinese Navy destroyer. By placing this missile in the Type 055, this defense system can load missiles in large numbers.

And its massive attack power makes this missile capable of becoming a game changer if war breaks out. Therefore, if the role of the CJ-10 missile becomes one of the important defense equipment to destroy various targets. Especially targets on the ground can be destroyed by this missile with precision.

And of high alert are Chinese warships carrying CJ-10 missiles. Because the movement of this missile-carrying ship in critical times can be a frightening specter. Moreover, the East Asia region and the South China Sea are the locations for the Chinese destroyer carrying the CJ 10 missile to sail.

In addition, the CJ-10 missile is labeled as a cruise missile. Informed from on August 3, 2022, this is labeled as a cruise missile which means cruise missile. With the label as a cruise missile, it is clear that the attack power is very lethal.

As well as clearer information about the CJ-10 missile, some of which are still kept secret by China. And until recently, the users of the CJ-10 missile were only new to China. There is no information if China has not exported this missile later. For that we wait for further information on this cruise missile in the future.

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