Russian S-400 Whereabouts Known Due to Tourist Posts on Social Media, Ukraine Says Thank You

Russian S-400 Whereabouts Known Due to Tourist Posts on Social Media, Ukraine Says Thank You
Russian S-400 Whereabouts Known Due to Tourist Posts on Social Media

Kiev - S-400 is a Russian-made ground-based air defense system and fires it as a lethal air-to-air missile over medium to long ranges. For this reason, the S-400 is used to execute aircraft, cruise missiles, and even ballistics.

But if needed, his missiles can also flatten ground targets, citing the National Interest. The missile is capable of striking targets 400 kilometers away at six times the speed of sound at an altitude of up to 30 kilometers.

The S-400 is the result of a significant improvement from the previous version, the S-300. The S-300 itself is only capable of long-range attacks. While the S-400 is more flexible because it can fire a variety of different missiles. Call it 40N6E (400 km), 48N6 (250 km), 9M96e2 (120 km), and 9m96e (40 km). And indeed there is no end to discuss this sophisticated system.

The S-400 is known as one of the best air defense systems ever. It can be said, the country will be safe from any air threats by having this system. And indeed not without reason, the S-400 has some advanced systems in it.

Quoted from Army Technology, this system can be integrated with multifunctional radar and detection systems. This means that the S-400 can target automatically. In addition to its targeting, firing and control centers can also operate autonomously. With it, the S-400 can lock on to 36 targets at once.

The S-400 has had a strong electronic warfare capability from the start. Therefore, the ability of the S-400 air defense system cannot be doubted.

Earlier this August, Russia deployed its S-400s at the airbase in Saky. That's because in recent weeks, Ukraine has attacked the region with missiles. Reportedly, the attack resulted in severe damage to Russian assets and infrastructure.

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Quoted from the Eurasian Times, nine or more of their fighter jets were destroyed in the attack. But the “funny” fact regarding the deployment of this defense system is that a Russian tourist accidentally helps Ukrainian troops. By the way, he posted a photo of himself on the beach near Yevpatoria, in Crimea.

A tourist who unknowingly leaked the location of the Russian S-400

And in the photo you can see two S-400 units. The photo was reposted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on Twitter. On that occasion, the ministry thanked the Russian tourist.

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