Russia Leaks Documents Containing Fatal Weaknesses Of Man-made Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles

Russia Leaks Documents Containing Fatal Weaknesses Of Man-made Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles
Russia Leaks Documents Containing Fatal Weaknesses Of Man-made Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles

International Military - Javelin is a missile that is considered formidable because it can destroy enemy tanks. Recently, Ukraine used these anti-tank missiles against Russia. Ukraine gets Javelin from US aid.

Although it is reported to have brought down many Russian tanks, the Javelin missile is said to be imperfect. Recently, Russia through one of its media exposed the weaknesses of this anti-tank missile.

Quoted from Army Technology, Javalin is a weapon that has been developed for a long time. The Javelin, built against tanks, was developed from 1989. The concept of this anti-tank missile is fire and forget. That is, the operator does not have to wait for the bullet to hit the target. Because the missile is claimed to automatically find its target.

Quoted from Military Todau, Javelin is able to chase enemy tanks as far as 2 kilometers. There are also infrared sensors built into the Javelin launcher and warhead. This weapon has also been revealed to the battlefield by the United States and has extraordinary destructive power. For example, when the United States used Javelin missiles to destroy the Taliban bunkers. With such prowess, Javelin missiles are selling well in many countries.

With its sophistication, Javelin is called one of the best. Even the United States also sent these missiles as aid to Ukraine against Russia.

It was reported that the Javelin had destroyed many Russian tanks. According to Defense View, more than 1,800 Russian tanks during the war faced Ukraine. This was largely due to the use of Javelin anti-tank missiles.

However, even though it is proud of being the best missile, it turns out that the Javelin also has weaknesses. Recently a Russian media has exposed the weaknesses of the Javelin. In the report that aired on August 28, Russian media published manufacturer documentation comparing the effectiveness of the Javelin with other missiles.

In the report, the Javelin anti-tank missile is said to have hit a low target. "The chart shows that the Javelin was most effectively fired at a distance of 2,500 meters. Another graph compares the attack rates of the Javelin and TOW missiles. For the Javelin, in 8 launches the missile only hit the target three times. And the TOW only hit the target twice out of 14 shots," the report said.

Furthermore, the leaked documents show the results of a survey of US soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of the 57 respondents, 18 respondents said many problems were related to maintenance for Javelin. Another problem is that the batteries in the Javelin missile controllers are also said to run out frequently.

It is said that the battery only lasts 4 hours once the battery is fully charged. The battery will also be more wasteful when the missile is used. The Ukrainian army is also called not an expert in operating this weapon. On the other hand, the producers later denied claims from Russia.

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