One Step Further, J-20 Mighty Dragon Two-Seat Variant Makes China More 'Superior' in the Air

One Step Further, J-20 Mighty Dragon Two-Seat Variant Makes China More 'Superior' in the Air
J-20 Mighty Dragon Two-Seat Variant Makes China More 'Superior' in the Air

International Military - Pilots of China's J-20 Mighty Dragon told how the plane played a major role in combat. Especially the two-seat variant of the J-20 Mighty Dragon that it operates. First, the pilot said that most of the training on the plane took place on the simulator. Quoted from the Eurasian Times, although quite effective, this will be reduced by a two-seat variant.

Second, two-seat combat is useful in complex missions such as ground attack under enemy air defenses or long range penetration. Nonetheless, there is something more exciting about the J-20 Mighty Dragon.

Its most anticipated and interesting use is to control the Feihong FH 97 drone surveillance and attack concept. This will be done at the Zhuhai air show on 29 September 2022.

The FH 97 drone itself can carry various types of weapons. The drone also has swarm and electronic warfare capabilities, said Wu Wei, a representative of the Feihong China Aerospace Science Technology Corp (CASTC) product line.

In addition, the J-20 can also get Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and even advanced radar for special combat early warning capabilities. Therefore, the induction of the two-seat variant must pay attention to this.

According to Wang Ya'nan, editor-in-chief of Beijing-based Aerospace Knowledge magazine, this will also include China's intelligent 'warfare' concept. "Combat data from the second seat can be collected, analyzed and used to train artificial intelligence that can eventually replace the second pilot," said Wang Ya'nan.

Quoted from The Drive, this new J-20 variant will give China something that the United States and other competitors don't have. That is a high-performance tactical jet that has two heads in the cockpit instead of one. This two-man crew concept allows pilots to take advantage of larger sensors and sophisticated information networks.

This will also give him the close range to the enemy that an advanced stealth fighter with good durability can provide.

By doing so, they can become power multipliers. It also helps him to activate other less capable assets by working as a 'quarterback' of the local tactical aerial combat type.

Having other brains available to help wield the J-20's own weapons is also a plus, especially as the arsenal and mission continue to evolve.

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