Nightmare, China Deploys Xian H-6K Bomber in Taiwan Sky in Massive Military Exercise

Nightmare, China Deploys Xian H-6K Bomber in Taiwan Sky in Massive Military Exercise
China Deploys Xian H-6K Bomber in Taiwan Sky in Massive Military Exercise

International Military - Although Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was in the spotlight, the real agenda only happened after that. Following Pelosi's visit, China announced large-scale military exercises. Quoted from the New York Times, Beijing announced six zones that it uses as military training grounds. These six points are seen encircling Taiwan from all sides.

The Chinese military said it would conduct a series of firing drills starting on Thursday, August 4. Of the six locations, three of them overlap with Taiwan's territorial waters.

The firing drills are believed to target the Taiwan Strait and the eastern waters of the country. And indeed, China's efforts are a form of warning to both Taiwan and the United States.

Quoted from Bloomberg, during this military exercise no ships or aircraft are allowed to enter the sea and airspace. It is believed, what China's agenda is that it will worsen the existing supply chain.

The Taiwan Strait itself is the main route for ships passing from China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to the west point. Nearly half of the global container fleet and 88% of the world's largest ships pass through this route this year.

Taiwan's Ministry of Defense said that 21 Chinese military aircraft entered the air defense identification zone on Tuesday, August 4, 2022. One of them is the H 6K strategic bomber.

The Chinese military has stepped up flights near Taiwan in recent months. With the aim of "showing off" its military muscles to Taiwan, including visits by US politicians.

China's Worldwide Xian H-6K bomber

Bomber H-6K is one of China's most famous heavyweight bombers worldwide. According to the site, the H-6K is famous for its cruising performance, which is as far as 6,000 kilometers, some even say more than that.

Then the weaponry, including anti-ship cruise missiles are very lethal. Besides being able to fly long distances, the H-6K bomber is also known to be fuel efficient. Even though it is an old plane, it carries modern electronic systems in it.

In addition to missiles, this aircraft is also capable of carrying several types of bombs, and that's the "problem", the H-6K bomber is a sophisticated multi-function bomber weapon system. This was proven because he was able to carry various types of guided bombs in large numbers. The bombs included the YJ-12, KD-63, and KD-20.

With these bombs, the H-6k was even capable of striking the notoriously powerful US carriers. Not only marine targets, this bomber is even capable of striking a nuclear attack on an area.

It is said, if the H-6K bomber is equipped with a nuclear warhead, then 1 city can be destroyed in an instant. Not only cities, islands as big as Natuna are thought to be destroyed by this plane's nuclear attack. So do not be surprised if the movement of the Chinese H 6K bomber is often monitored for its movements.

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