New tactics, US aid HIMARS Proves to be a Russian Threat on the Battlefield

New tactics, US aid HIMARS Proves to be a Russian Threat on the Battlefield
HIMARS US Aid Sent To Ukraine

Kiev - Russia appears to have started a new tactic to counter the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System or HIMARS. This was revealed by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov.

Speaking to Sky News in an interview, Danilov described Russia's new tactics for dealing with highly effective rocket systems as "dispersion." "They are now doing less ammo buildup etc, but that doesn't help them."

Quoted from, the long-range rocket system, which was first supplied by the United States in June to the Ukrainian military. This system has allowed the Ukrainian military to destroy several Russian ammunition depots and dramatically changed the dynamics of the war in eastern Ukraine.

During the interview, Danilov emphasized the importance of supplying these weapons. Moreover, this must be done continuously by the West to Ukraine. He described the “huge success” that the Ukrainian military had seen when using it.

“You know that they swear a lot when communicating with each other. For Russians, HIMARS is a synonym for death. For them, HIMARS is the same as death," he said.

Reporting from Al Jazeera, retired Australian major general Mick Ryan believes that HIMARS has "changed the calculus of the battlefield in the fight for Ukraine. This then allowed Ukraine to pursue what he called a “corrosion strategy” of Russian capabilities and morale.

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