Naval Strike Missile, Missile That Malaysia Will Buy And Become a Chinese Threat in North Natuna

Naval Strike Missile, Missile That Malaysia Will Buy And Become a Chinese Threat in North Natuna
The Naval Strike Missile (NSM)

Kuala Lumpur - What is Naval Strike Missile? The missiles will be bought by the Malaysian state and will be a threat to China in North Natuna. Naval Strike Missile is being talked about after it was rumored that it would be bought up by Malaysia

Quoted from Militaryleak on August 2, 2022, the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has drawn up a budget plan to purchase the Naval Strike Missile. The budget is USD 48 million. The plan, Naval Strike Missile will be purchased to complement the Kedah class corvettes. "The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has drawn up a $48 million plan to equip the Kedah class corvettes with Naval Strike Missile launchers," wrote.

Reportedly, by buying up the Naval Strike Missile, this alusista will become a threat to China. So, what exactly is Naval Strike Missile?

Naval Strike Missile is often shortened to NSM. In a sense, Naval Strike Missile is an anti-ship and land attack missile. This missile was developed by a Norwegian company called the Norwegian Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA).

In Norway, the Naval Strike Missile is known as the Nytt sjømålsmissil. Literally, this means a new sea target missile, as well as showing that it is the successor to the Penguin missile.

Quoted from Kongsberg, Naval Strike Missile has a very flexible system and can be launched from various platforms to fight targets, both at sea and on land.

Naval Strike Missile has excellent maneuverability. The missile is so passive and has excellent skimming capabilities. Its advanced terminal maneuverability allows the Naval Strike Missile to defend against enemy air defenses. This missile has Autonomous Target Recognition (ATR), to ensure the target is properly detected, recognized and hit.

Specifications of the Naval Strike Missile:

The Naval Strike Missile weighs about 409 kg and is 3.96 meters long. The missile has a speed of 0.7 to 0-9 march and a range of up to 250 km.

Naval Strike Missile Features:

Naval Strike Missile is said to be an always effective missile on targets that cannot be countered. Thus, the target will not be able to escape from the Naval Strike Missile. The United States has already used it in the South China Sea. "This Naval Strike Missile has been used by the United States in the South China Sea and has always been effective at hitting targets without being able to be countered," wrote

That's the explanation of the Naval Strike Missile. Amazing missile, isn't it?

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