Losses to Moscow, Russian FSB Elite Senior Commander Dies in Ukraine War

Losses to Moscow, Russian FSB Elite Senior Commander Dies in Ukraine War
Russian FSB Elite Senior Commander Dies in Ukraine War

Moscow - An elite commander of Russia's Federal Security Service for Foreign Operations or FSB has reportedly died in the war in Ukraine. His death is considered a severe blow to President Vladimir Putin who lost many officers. The elite FSB commander who was killed was Lieutenant Colonel Nikolay Gorban (36).

Quoted by the New York Post, According to his report InformNapalm journalist Andrey Pavlushko "Gorban became the 99th senior officer to die during the Russian war in Ukraine. "Lieutenant Colonel Nikolay Gorban was a commander in the FSB special forces, and he died somewhere in Ukraine on 2 August.

The circumstances of Gorban's death have not been revealed. He is believed to be the most senior operative of the FSB ever led by Putin who was killed during Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

An official quote from relatives mourning his loss said Gorban participated in the conduct of combat activities and special operations both in Russia and abroad. “In carrying out his combat missions, he proved himself to be a brave and resolute officer. He is proud of his service in the Russian FSB," reads the obituary. The quote also states that Gorban, the son of a soldier, previously fought in Syria and was awarded two Medals of Courage.

He left behind a wife and three sons. In another blow to the Kremlin, Colonel Vasily Kleshchenko, a military aviation commander, was also reportedly killed.

Kleshchenko is deputy head of combat use and the 344th retraining center for elite helicopter pilots and snipers. The latest deaths show how President Putin's war has cost the commanders of his armed forces and security services huge sacrifices. Last week, Russian troops lost Olga “Korsa” Kachura, 52, the first female colonel to die in the war in Ukraine.

He was a colonel in the Russian-backed Donetsk People's Republic troops in Ukraine, where he led a rocket artillery division. Putin posthumously awarded him the Hero of Russia award for the courage and heroism shown in the performance of military duties.

Russia has also mourned at least 10 of its generals killed in the war, although the Kremlin has so far confirmed the deaths of only four generals. Meanwhile, on Sunday, British defense intelligence reported that due to the "poor performance" of Russian forces in Ukraine, the Kremlin very likely had sacked at least six commanders since the start of the war on February 24.

The UK Ministry of Defense stated in its latest bulletin that General-Colonel Aleksandr Chayko was removed from his post as commander of the Eastern Military District in May. General Colonel Aleksandr Zhuravlev, who has led the Western Military District since 2018, has been absent from the Russian Navy Day celebrations in St Petersburg on July 31 and is likely to be replaced by Lieutenant General Vladimir Kochetkov.

British intelligence also said that General Aleksandr Dvornikov, who had overall command of operations in Ukraine, was later dismissed, and General Sergei Surovikin had taken command of the Southern Group of Forces from General Gennady Zhidko. "The cumulative effect on command consistency is likely to contribute to Russia's tactical and operational difficulties," the UK Ministry of Defence said.


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    British Intelligence - hehe, is that a thing! They are the instigators not the inteligence. Hope they prepare to rebuild whatever will be Ukraine at the end of this war - see Ukraine map of 1919!

    They did this whole thing after Brexit to cripple their european competition - Germany!

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