Get to know AAMS, Technology That Makes F-16 Able To Replicate Close-Range Enemy Fighters

Get to know AAMS, Technology That Makes F-16 Able To Replicate Close-Range Enemy Fighters
Technology AAMS That Makes F-16 Able To Replicate Close-Range Enemy Fighters

International Military - Top Aces Corp is a leading provider of advanced enemy training. It is the only company in the world to own and operate the F-16 commercially. It is known, Top Aces Corp. announced the receipt of Military Flight Release (MFR) from the United States Air Force (USAF) for the F-16 Advanced Aggressor Fighter (AAF).

Quoted from Military Leak, equipped with Top Aces' Advanced Aggressor Mission System (AAMS), the F 16 AAF is able to replicate close enemy fighter aircraft. Because it is founded on an open systems architecture, AAMS facilitates rapid integration of sensors and functions to match evolving adversary threats.

The MFR also allows the F-16 AAF Top Aces, the most advanced adversary air platform on the market today, to immediately begin supporting the USAF flight training program.

“To provide effective training to pilots flying fifth-generation fighter aircraft – such as the F-22 or F-35, we must match the capabilities of enemy fighters. By combining the F-16's power and avionics with the AAMS, we can replicate contemporary adversary threats with accuracy and cost efficiency. And with MFR, Top Aces is allowed to provide the most advanced training solution available to the USAF,” said Russ Quinn, President of Top Aces Corp., a 26-year USAF veteran and former Aggressor pilot.

The F-16 AAF was deployed with:

  1. Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) air-to-air radar;
  2. Scorpion Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (HMCS);
  3. Tactical datalink communication system;
  4. Infrared search and tracking (IRST);
  5. Advanced electronic attack pod work; and
  6. Passive radio frequency (RF) detection capability.

Quoted from, the company's engineers together with their technology partner Coherent Technical Services, Inc. dedicated 4 years of research and development work to AAMS. This technology has been certified for use on the A-4N Skyhawks Top Aces fleet in 2021.

Currently, it is used by the German Armed Forces and other European customers for advanced air training. The AAMS was later installed on the F-16A Top Aces aircraft by Texas-based M7 Aerospace.

The successful initial flight test of an AAF F-16 equipped with AAMS took place in January 2022. Since then, Top Aces has been working to upgrade the bulk of its F-16 fleet with its proprietary AAMS technology.

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