Following Russia And US, China Launches FH-95 Electronic Combat Drone With Very Lethal Capabilities

Following Russia And US, China Launches FH-95 Electronic Combat Drone With Very Lethal Capabilities
China Launches FH-95 Electronic Combat Drone With Very Lethal Capabilities

International Military - To protect and maintain the sovereignty of the country, of course, the strengthening of defense continues to be improved, one of which is China. China has now succeeded in becoming one of the most formidable fighting forces in the world. China's fighting power is between the US and Russia. Shows that China has succeeded in increasing military power.

China's defense force is said to be the most formidable in Asia today. Far above the wind, China, which has a very large territory, is balanced with a capable military power. Various combat weapon systems have been successfully worked on by the local defense industry.

China's military industry has succeeded in developing a variety of high-end defense equipment. China is also one of the countries that succeeded in creating the fifth generation of stealth. The J-20 Mighty Dragon is a fifth-generation stealth that is allegedly a challenger to the US F-22.

The existence of the J-20, shows that China's defense industry is very competent. China managed to create the J-20 which has extraordinary combat power.

Not only that, China is also developing combat drones which are now one of the most important war assets. Evidence of the use of combat drones is one of them in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine also involved the Bayraktar TB2 drone in its fight against Russia.

The use of the Bayraktar TB2 drone is able to disable many Russian land defense systems. The use of the Bayraktar TB2 combat drone shows that the existence of combat drones is indispensable. So it is not surprising that many countries are also developing combat drones, one of which is China.

One of the combat drones developed by China has electronic capabilities. China recently launched the FH-95 electronic combat drone.

The Chinese-made FH-95 drone and armed reconnaissance drone recently passed a milestone performance test, giving a new dimension to the country's electronic warfare capabilities.

FH-95, manufactured by Aerospace Times Feihong Technology Corporation (ATFTC). Which is under the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. And last month completed a successful test at an undisclosed air base.

The specifications for the FH-95 drone are still limited because Beijing has not released the complete specifications of the FH-95 electronic combat drone. However it is said that the FH-95 has a take-off weight of one tonne. This combat drone is also capable of carrying a payload of 250 kilograms and has a flight endurance of 24 hours.

Regarding the capabilities that can be carried out from this combat drone, it is also very capable. Apart from the usual missions such as armed reconnaissance, border patrol, and maritime surveillance.

It turns out that the FH-95 combat drone could work as part of a wider drone formation. Surely this provides electronic warfare support for both manned and unmanned aircraft.

Chen Jianguo, general manager and researcher of ATFTC, explained about the capabilities of the FH-95 combat drone. He explained that this electronic combat drone capable of electronic warfare, surveillance and early warning will be indispensable in combat.

An unnamed Chinese military analyst said that electronic warfare drones would bring a new dimension. This relates to how drones are deployed in warfare, noting that most drones today are designed for reconnaissance and attack roles.

The FH-95 combat drone can provide electromagnetic interference to cover attacks. This can be used for the FH-97 stealth drone to penetrate and destroy air defenses. This was followed by an attack using the more traditional FH-92A attack drone.

In the Sandboxx 2022 article, defense analyst Michael Peck notes the possibility of swarms of electronic warfare drones moving in to interfere with wireless and radar communications and the US may be vulnerable to such attacks.

Although information on the FH-95 combat drone is still limited, it is believed to be much more than that. The FH-95 fighter drone has the potential to carry out a wider range of operations. It's like electronic combat drones like the FH-97 can bring jamming systems closer to their targets. So it is able to maximize its effect while using less power. Advances in radar warning receiver electronics could make the FH-95 an early warning platform.

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