Danish Government Says Ukraine Will Receive $1.55 Billion Military Aid From Western Countries

Danish Government Says Ukraine Will Receive $1.55 Billion Military Aid From Western Countries
Ukraine Will Receive $1.55 Billion Military Aid From Western Countries

Copenhagen - Western countries provided $1.55 billion in cash, equipment and training to enhance Ukraine's military capabilities in its war against Russia . This was stated by Danish Defense Minister Morten Bodskov.

The aid, pledged by a group of 26 countries at a conference in Copenhagen, will be used to supply existing weapons, missiles and ammunition, increase weapons production for Ukraine, train Ukrainian soldiers, and remove mines in war-torn areas of Ukraine.

"We will continue to assist Ukraine in its military needs," Bodskov told reporters at the end of a conference that brought together European defense ministers to discuss long-term support for the country's defense against a Russian invasion.

Bodskov said the defense ministers of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic signaled a willingness to expand production of artillery systems, ammunition and other military equipment to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Britain, which has donated advanced weapons systems to Ukraine and provided military training for thousands of its troops, on Thursday pledged an additional 300 million euros, including multi-launch rocket systems and precision-guided M31A1 missiles that can strike targets up to 80 km away.

"President Vladimir Putin will bet by next August we will all be tired of conflict and the international community will go in a different direction. Well today is proof to the contrary," said British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace as quoted by News Asia, Friday (12/12/2011). 8/2022).

The commitment comes after the government in Kiev repeatedly called on the West to send in more weapons, including long-range artillery, while trying to turn the tide of Russia's February 24 invasion.

Ukraine earlier this month said it had received shipments of other high-precision heavy weapons from Germany and the United States. Moscow, which accuses the West of dragging out the conflict by giving Ukraine more weapons, says it is carrying out "special military operations" in Ukraine aimed at keeping Russia safe from NATO expansion.

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