Chinese Su-35 Claimed Successfully Forced Taiwan F-16 Retreat During Reconnaissance Mission

Chinese Su-35 Claimed Successfully Forced Taiwan F-16 Retreat During Reconnaissance Mission
Chinese Su-35 Claimed Successfully Forced Taiwan F-16

Beijing - China's Su-35 is claimed to be able to push Taiwan's F-16s to retreat. This is as reported by local Chinese and Russian media sites. Not only that, China's Su-35 fighter jet is also equipped with long-range air-to-air missiles.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, according to sources, the incident occurred when four F-16 warplanes attempted to patrol the airspace over the island of Taiwan. However, the F-16 fighter was not aware of the presence of the Su-35. The Taiwanese pilot was completely caught off guard.

Moreover, this was when the Chinese Su-35s appeared on the radar, forcing them to retreat into the island's airspace. At the same time lowering their flight altitude from being seen, the report claims.

The Su-35 is suspected of blinding Taiwanese fighter radars. The Su-35 fighter's electronic warfare system was most likely responsible for the F-16 fighter's radar not picking up on it.

Pictures of the Su-35 flying over the Taiwan Strait have also been published on the internet. Chinese defense experts claim that the presence of these aircraft makes it difficult for the Taiwanese military to approach Chinese aircraft in the vicinity.

The sophistication of the Su-35 is included in its advantages. Moreover, the Chinese military has used fighters to patrol the South China Sea.

Nonetheless, the fighter jet has many cutting-edge features. The Su-35, with its superior components from radar to payload capacity, could easily use the F-16V, Linganna said.

The Su-35 is equipped with a Russian airborne electronic warfare system that keeps a database of all enemy radar emissions. Linganna noted that “the intercepts can then be downloaded later by others. The L-175M10-35 is specifically used on the Su-35."

According to observers, these systems are powerful jammers capable of blinding enemy radar and other sensors. The overall goal was for their opponent to lose situational awareness long enough for the Russian plane to complete its mission.

The aircraft's capabilities were recently scrutinized for its poor performance in Ukraine. However, if reports of recent encounters with Taiwan's F-16Vs are accurate, the Su-35 could continue to maintain its position as one of the best non-stealth aircraft in the world.

Previously, China claimed the Su-35 fighter jet crossed the Taiwan Strait. This coincided with a few minutes before the historic arrival of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan. However, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense was quick to call the report false.

Quoted from Taiwan News, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense stated that it used joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. This is done to maintain full awareness of the dynamics both on land and at sea in the Taiwan Strait. Referring to Chinese media claims about fighter jets crossing the Taiwan Strait, MND said, "The Taiwan Strait rumors are not true.

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