China to Participate in Vostok 2022 Military Exercises in Russia

China to Participate in Vostok 2022 Military Exercises in Russia
China to Participate in Vostok 2022 Military Exercises in Russia

International Military - It is no secret that China and Russia relations are getting closer. These two countries that are moving with anti-Western ideology are jointly building their glory. Even when war broke out in Ukraine, the Biden government had suspected that China was helping Russia.

This assumption exists because the two countries have long established relations, both diplomatic and military relations. Especially in terms of weapons, Russia and China often build weapons systems together.

China's fifth-generation fighter jet engine, the J-20, also uses an engine from Russia. Shortly before the war in Ukraine last February, it turned out that China and Russia had just announced an "unlimited" partnership. Russia's eastern military district, including parts of Siberia, is based in Khabarovsk, near the Chinese border. China's relations with Russia have become even more intimate under the leadership of Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.

Quoted from Reuters, in August last year, the two countries had held joint military exercises in north-central China. The large-scale military exercise involved more than 10,000 troops.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu even praised the joint exercise and suggested that it should be carried out on a regular basis. Then in October, China and Russia also held joint naval exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan.

During the exercise, the warships of the two countries carried out their first joint patrols in the Western Pacific. And now, China is participating in a military exercise in Russia called Vostok 2022. "Our (Chinese) soldiers will participate in the Vostok 2022 strategic command and staff exercise in Russia on August 30-5 September," China's Ministry of Defense told TASS.

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Besides China, there are also other countries that are also participating in this joint exercise led by Russia, namely India, Belarus, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and other countries. The Vostok 2022 military exercise will be held at 13 training grounds of the Eastern Military district.

The Russian Defense Ministry said, "During the exercise, the participating forces will practice measures to maintain military security in the eastern region."

In the midst of its conflict with Taiwan, China does not seem to hesitate to join the exercises with its partners. The reason is, this exercise is carried out in accordance with the annual plan of cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries and bilateral agreements.

In addition, this exercise will strengthen cooperation among the armed forces of all countries. This exercise will also increase the level of strategic interaction by all parties and strengthen the ability to respond to various security threats.

However, the Chinese side stressed that this exercise is completely unrelated to the current international and regional situation, including its conflict with Taiwan.

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