Called 'Friendly Fire', Su-34 Fighter Shot Down by Ukrainian Citizens Using Only Rifles

Called 'Friendly Fire', Su-34 Fighter Shot Down by Ukrainian Citizens Using Only Rifles
Ukrainian officials have awarded "retired" Valeriy Fedorovych, with a medal for assistance in the protection of the country's borders

Kiev - A Ukrainian citizen was awarded a "hero" after successfully shooting down a Russian Su 34 jet and destroying it. This was announced by the Ukrainian State Border Service on Friday. It is known, officials have awarded "retired" Valeriy Fedorovych with a medal "for assistance in the protection of state borders".

Quoted from Newsweek, officials said that in March, when Russian President Vladimir Putin's troops continued to bombard Chernihiv, a badly affected city in northern Ukraine, Fedorovych "picked up his rifle and opened fire" "The hero among us," said officials, adding that after Fedorovych opened fire on the jet with his rifle. "An enemy Su 34 fighter plane was targeted and destroyed," he added.

Kyiv released a short clip showing Fedorovych with a rifle slung over his shoulder. He walks through buildings destroyed by gunfire as a result of Putin's invasion, which began on February 24.

 "In the second lap, how did it go? I 'bang' with my bat. And it's like 'bang.' And it [Russian Su-34 jet] crashed," Fedorovych said in the video. The inserted clip appears to show the moment the Russian Su-34 was shot down. Cheers and applause rang out in the background as the plane crashed rapidly.

Quoted from kyivpost, the Su-34 is indeed a 'friendly fire' jet or easy to shoot. Despite all its modern capabilities, the Su-34M can still fall victim to friendly fire. According to Forbes, this could be due to a malfunction in modern aircraft's "alien-home" identification system or it could be operator error. So far, according to official information and confirmed photo evidence, Russia has lost at least 35 fighter jets.

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