Air Defense System Activated Near Crimean Bridge, Watch The Video

Air Defense System Activated Near Crimean Bridge, Watch The Video
Air Defense System Activated Near Crimean Bridge

- Air defense systems have been activated in the city of Kerch, in the vicinity of the Crimean Bridge. The news was disclosed by an adviser to the governor of Crimea on Thursday night (18/8/2022). Videos circulating on social media show what appears to be a missile piercing the night sky, and the sound of explosions.

Oleg Krychkov posted a short message on his Telegram channel, saying according to preliminary information, “The air defense system has been activated in Kerch. There is no danger to the city and the bridge.” "There was a sound similar to thunder, with a car alarm going off as a result," the Russian news agency TASS reported, citing the Kerch city council.

Social media users have shared videos purportedly depicting the incident. The footage features a bright object moving across the night sky that looks like a missile, with some videos also capturing the sound of one or more explosions. The operator of the Crimean bridge, which connects the peninsula with mainland Russia, told reporters that there were no traffic disruptions along the transport artery.

Vladimir Rogov, a member of Russia's civil-military government in Ukraine's Zaporozhye Region, said on his Telegram channel, "According to preliminary data, one Ukrainian drone was shot down far from the Crimean bridge." He added that no loss of life or material damage was reported. Thursday night's activity comes amid a recent series of incidents in Crimea.

On Tuesday, a temporary ammunition depot in northern Crimea was targeted in what Russia's Defense Ministry called an act of sabotage. The ammunition stored at the site exploded, causing damage to power lines, power stations, railroads, and several houses.

Last week, a fire at a military airfield near the resort town of Novofyodorovka and a subsequent wave of explosions claimed the life of a civilian and injured 14 more. Russian authorities did not report any findings that indicated fraud was behind the fire.

Despite stopping to claim responsibility, several top officials in Kiev have hinted Ukrainian forces may be behind the incident.

They also warned that more fires and explosions would occur in Crimea in the near future. They also threatened to target the Kerch bridge. The United States government has given Ukraine the green light to target Crimea, the outlet Politico reported citing a Biden administration official.

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