5 Countries with the Most Submarines in the World - International Military

5 Countries with the Most Submarines in the World - International Military
5 Countries with the Most Submarines in the World

International Military - Submarine is one of the main defense equipment that has strategic value. The strength of the submarine is very calculated in the military strength of a country.

In some countries, submarines are designed with sophisticated facilities and large sizes to last a long time under the sea. The following are the countries with the most submarines in the world according to Global Fire Power.

1. China (79 Submarines)

China is one of the fastest growing countries in military development. No wonder the country led by President Xi Jinping has many submarines. China has 79 submarines. Satellite photos record the sighting of China's newest nuclear submarine at a shipyard in Huludao, Liaoning Province, North China.

The nuclear submarine with a stealth propulsion system is equipped with a cruise missile launch tube. The satellite photo was taken on May 3, 2022. The submarine seen by this satellite appears to be 110 meters long. Type 093. This Type 093 is known as the Shang class.

2. Russia (70 Submarines)

Russia is in second place with 70 submarines. Russia continues to develop military weapons, including the development of submarines.

One of the interesting Russian creations is the Belgorod K-329. Belgorod K-329 is a submarine that has the nickname the Doomsday Submarine. The Russian Navy received the ship at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk on 8 July 2022.

The Belgorod K-329 is considered the largest submarine in the world. This submarine is a nuclear powered submarine project 949A Antei class. Its NATO code is Oscar II. The Belgorod K-329 is capable of conducting scientific expeditions as well as rescue operations in remote areas of the ocean.

3. United States (68 Submarines)

The United States has 68 submarines. Submarines in the United States have grown rapidly since World War II. One of the United States' first nuclear submarines was the USS Nautilus.

It is known, the USS Nautilus was the United States' first nuclear submarine, the first to sail under the Arctic ice sheet in 1958. The mission was to open up new worlds for scientists to explore. The USS Nautilus is 97 meters long and can accommodate a crew of 116.

4. North Korea (35 Submarines)

The country led by Kim Jong-un, North Korea, has 35 submarines. The North Korean People's Navy's submarine fleet includes Iranian-designed Yono-class midget submarines, Soviet Whiskey-class submarines and China's Romea-class submarines.

In October 2021, North Korea test-fired a new ballistic missile from a submarine. The missile was launched from the sea around Sinpo, a place to store submarines and equipment for test-firing SLBMs (submarine ballistic missiles).

The new type of SLBM was launched from the same submarine involved in the 2016 SLBM test. It is known that North Korea has a large fleet of old submarines. But it has yet to issue an operational ballistic missile submarine beyond the experimental Gorae-class vessel.

5. South Korea (22 Submarines)

The country known for its Kpop has 22 submarines. In September 2021, South Korea successfully conducted a test launch of a submarine ballistic missile.

South Korea's presidential office said a missile was fired underwater from the Ahn Chang Ho submarine. Ahn Chang Ho is a 3,000-ton diesel-powered submarine. The ship's name was chosen after the respected South Korean independence activist.

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