Until when will Joe Biden be Give Weapon Assistance to Ukraine to Fight Russia?

Until when will Joe Biden be Give Weapon Assistance to Ukraine to Fight Russia?
President Joe Biden pauses after signing a delegation of authority in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus in Washington

International Military - Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been carried out since February 24, 2022. During that time, the United States (US) continues to provide weapons assistance to Ukraine.

The US hopes that with the help of these weapons, Ukraine can protect its territory and win the battle. The US decision to help Ukraine seems to have angered Russia.

Russia said that there would be a risk of World War III if the supply of weapons to Ukraine continued. Until now it is known that the war is still in its hot spot.

Russia and Ukraine continue to maintain a fighting spirit in order to realize their respective desires. Regarding this, the question arises about how long the US will send weapons assistance to Ukraine?

Quoted from 19fortyfive, it was stated that US President Joe Biden had previously promised to continue sending weapons to Ukraine. Joe Biden will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine until the war with Russia is over and Kyiv wins.

Even President Joe Biden also said he would continue to provide assistance despite the ongoing economic difficulties.

Regarding this, Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had thought that he could destroy the transatlantic alliance. "He's trying to weaken us," said Joe Biden.

Furthermore, Biden said that Putin had thought his opponent's resolve had been broken. Biden added that Putin had gotten what he didn't want, as was the case with Finland.

It is worth noting that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said the same thing as Biden. Even Johnson has urged world leaders to maintain long-term support for Ukraine.

According to him, if Russia's victory happened, it would be a disaster. So it is very important for him and sure to help Ukraine in the various efforts needed.

On the other hand, NATO member states such as Turkey are known to have been trying to facilitate negotiations between Russia and Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. In May, Turkish President Erdogan had told Putin that Ankara was ready to take on a role in the "observation mechanism".

Erdogan has also repeatedly sought to promote peace between Russia and Ukraine. One of the journalists, Michael Tracey expressed his views on the attitude taken by Erdogan through a post on his personal Twitter account. "I noticed he was one of the few or only NATO leaders calling for diplomacy in Ukraine," Tracey wrote.

Meanwhile, the US between Britain, according to him, has called for escalation in Ukraine. Not only that, he also said that Erdogan's views on war may differ from the consensus among NATO. But so far it is known that he was the only influential person in the negotiations with the Russian President.

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