Tupolev Tu-95, Russian Aircraft With The Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb in the world 'Tsar Bomba'

Tupolev Tu-95, Russian Aircraft With The Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb in the world 'Tsar Bomba'
The Russian Tupolev Tu-95 Aircraft With World's Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb 'Tsar Bomba'

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- Who doesn't know Tsar Bomba? The Tsar Bomba is the most powerful Russian-made nuclear bomb to date. The nuclear explosion was 3,000 times more powerful than the 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki incidents.

If it wants, Russia is able to flatten big cities to suburbs in the United States without using the bomb. Despite its undeniable prowess, in fact the Tsar Bomba was never considered for use. Given its very large size.

Quoted from atomicheritage.org, Tsar Bomba can only be transported by large conventional aircraft. And the task is suitable for the Tupolev Tu-95 aircraft.

Getting to know the Tupolev Tu-95

Tupolev Tu-95, Russian Aircraft With The Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb in the world 'Tsar Bomba'
The Russian Tupolev Tu-95 Aircraft 
The Tupolev Tu-95 is a turboprop-powered strategic bomber that began its mission in 1956 and remains an important part of Russian air power. At the time, the Tupolev Tu-95 was the only Soviet bomber capable of reaching the United States without needing to refuel halfway.

It is an aircraft designed to carry large armaments, such as the six long-range KH-55 Grenade cruise missiles with a range of 3,000 km. Alternatively, 14 KH-SD anti-ship missiles with a range of 600 km or KH-101 air-launch cruise missiles which also have a range of 3,000 km. Likewise with the Tsar Bomba, the Tupolev Tu-95 is believed to carry this deadliest nuclear bomb.

Were the Tupolev Tu-95 and Tsar Bomba used in the Ukraine war?

The answer is yes, but only for the Tu-95 bomber. A US defense official reported at least 75 Russian bombers fired cruise missiles and air-to-ground missiles in the early days of the war, news agency newsweek reported.

The surprise attack targeted the Ukrainian command and control center, radar, anti-aircraft systems, plus fuel and ammunition dumps. Why doesn't Russia use its bombers in full force?

Quoted from 19fortyfive, this is because Russia has not fully controlled the airspace there. Using cruise missiles on bomber planes is certainly a priority because they are able to carry more ammunition.

Russian forces will use cruise or long-range missiles to be able to strike beyond the reach of Ukrainian fighter jets and air defense systems. And apparently, Russian bombers will continue to carry out this long-range firing operation. This attack is only limited by the amount of ammunition or missiles they have in their arsenal.

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