Specifications And Performance Of The New AK-12 Assault Rifle Made In Kalashnikov, Russia

Specifications And Performance Of The New AK-12 Assault Rifle Made In Kalashnikov, Russia
The New AK-12 Assault Rifle Made In Kalashnikov, Russia

Moscow - The AK-12 assault rifle, developed by the Kalashnikov company, has so far exceeded the non-stop fire requirements of the Russian Ministry of Defense . This was revealed by the company on the Telegram channel, Thursday (30/6/2022).

Quoted from TASS.com, the AK-12 experienced 680 non-stop fire, exceeding three times the Ministry of Defense standard.

The newly developed AK-12 assault rifle from Kalashnikov has a 5.45 mm caliber. It boasts greater fire accuracy and multiple Picatinny rails that provide a platform for attaching additional accessories such as sights, front grip, flashlight and laser pointer.

Additionally, the AK-12 is equipped with a bayonet-type high-performance muzzle brake compensator that is easily removable. The muzzle configuration makes it possible to quickly install a silent and flameless fire device.

The Kalashnikov AK-12 is a new weapon intended to replace the previous generation of the 5.45mm Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK74, AK74M) used by Russian and other government forces. Read: Getting to know Mikhail Kalashnikov, Russian AK-47 Rifle Designer The AK-12 project was started in 2011 by arms manufacturer IZHMASH (now part of the "Kalashnikov" concern) as a private venture.

In 2013, the weapon was put into the "Ratnik" trials held by the Russian army. The purpose of the trial "Ratnik" was to select a new combat kit for the Russian special forces. During these years, the AK-12 rifle underwent several modifications.

The initial weapon, developed between 2011 and 2013, was designed by Vladimir Zlobin, a former senior small arms designer at the Tula Sporting and Hunting weapons design bureau (TsKIB SOO), who was invited to work in Izhevsk in 2010.

The AK-12 rifle looks a bit more modern and 'trendy' than the existing AK variants. This weapon performed quite well during the second round of trials and official tests. In early 2016 it was approved for initial batch production and field trials in two versions, the AK-12 5.45mm (GRAU index 6P70/6П70) and the AK-15 7.62mm (GRAU index 6P71/6П71).

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