Not Bayraktar TB2, This is the Drone That Helped Ukraine Destroy Russia's Ammunition Depot

Not Bayraktar TB2, This is the Drone That Helped Ukraine Destroy Russia's Ammunition Depot
Small drone destroys Russian ammunition depot /Defence View

International Military - The capability of the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone used by Ukraine has proven effective against Russian resistance. The Ukrainian army's TB2 drone strike has dealt serious damage to Russian defenses. Even TB2 was also very instrumental in contributing to the sinking of one of Russia's most iconic warships, the Moskva.

Quoted from The Guardian, the Moskva ship sank in the Black Sea in mid-April. It is known that this large ship met fierce resistance from the Ukrainian coastal forces. Kyiv soldiers flooded Moscow with Neptune missiles, and Bayraktar drones came to outwit the ship's defense systems.

Neptune's missiles guarding the Black Sea caused very serious damage, severe damage to the ship's hull as a result of a fire after receiving a missile attack, coupled with stormy conditions at sea, said Maksym Marchenko, governor of Odessa.

Ukrainian small drone

A small drone that costs no more than 10 thousand Dollars has destroyed the ammunition depot of the Russian army with just one grenade. The incident occurred in the Luhansk region, the explosion producing hundreds of meters of smoke that was caught by a Russian drone, Avia Pro reported.

Quoted from Defense View, the ammunition depot that became the victim is believed to be in Popasna, in the Luhansk region. Inside the warehouse it was said to be hundreds of tons of large-caliber artillery ammunition and more, therefore a huge explosion was inevitable.

Experts noticed the orange smoke was due to the shattered weapons likely containing chemicals. That orange color indicates the release of nitrogen dioxide, which is basically a highly toxic chemical compound.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is known to have entered a new chapter, where long-range artillery attacks are focused.

A new chapter has started

In this protracted war, both Ukraine and Russia used long-range artillery strikes. On the Ukrainian side, it is said that their armed forces are facing a critical shortage of artillery ammunition.

With the depletion of ammunition supplies, it is very bad for troops on the battlefield to fight Russian aggression. As for the Russian artillery units, they were still able to issue several times the number of rounds in Donbas, eastern Ukraine.

The news about the depletion of artillery ammunition on the Ukrainian side, is not unusual considering this has been a problem since the war began on February 24 last. Russian special forces and their drones were deployed to attack Ukrainian ammunition depots.

Quoted from 19FortyFive, Vadym Skibitsky said that ammunition coming from the West could not help many Ukrainians. We only depend on Western aid, in comparison it is 1 in 10 even 15 of the amount of artillery that Ukraine and Russia have our partners have given about 10 percent of what they have.

While Russia initially had supply problems, they now have ample ammunition supplies, said Colonel Margo Grosberg, commander of the Estonian Defense Forces intelligence center.

Meanwhile, Western aid could not arrive as quickly as possible, coupled with the need for Ukrainian weapons which was increasing day by day.

Second Sunday in June

It was reported that Russian troops successfully used artillery strikes to repulse the Ukrainian troops. The attack took place with the aim of taking control of the entire Lugansk Province, in Eastern Ukraine.

Russian troops have managed to control more than 90 percent of Lugansk province and are likely to take control of the entire region within the next two weeks.

Quoted by Defense View, the success of Russian troops in controlling Lugansk Province cannot be separated from the role of artillery fire. Lugansk and its neighboring province of Donetsk make up the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. The Donbas region itself is famous as an industrial center area with many factories and coal mines.

Experts judge that if Russia manages to gain complete control over the Donbas, it will be a big win for them. With it, it allowed the formation of a corridor on Russia's western border to the Crimean peninsula.

The cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk are two of the last points in Lugansk where the Ukrainian military is located.

The British Ministry of Defense also said that if the Russians managed to achieve tactical success in the Donbas, how could they maintain the momentum and gain the upper hand over the Ukrainian side, thanks to artillery strikes.

Looking at the Russian troop movement scheme, they will most likely prioritize for the next few weeks to take control of the city of Severodonetsk.

President Volodymyr Zekensky said that his troops managed to defend against the Russians in the city of Severodonetsk. Fierce fighting was taking place there (Severodonetsk), including in neighboring cities such as Lyschansk and Bakhmut.

A Donetsk governor, Pavlo Kyrylenko said that Russian troops were on full alert, 15 kilometers from the city of Sloviansk. He added that Donetsk would not be easily taken over by Russia, but also stressed the need for more weapons for Ukrainian troops.

The Russian artillery strike that defeated Ukrainian troops was the self-propelled 2S19 Msta-S. The self-propelled 2S19 Msta-S is a 152 mm armored cannon paired with the hull of a T-80 tank and engines of a T-72 tank.

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