Kamikaze Drones Prove Ferocious in the Battle of Ukraine, Russia is Ready to Get UAVs Made in Iran

Kamikaze Drones Prove Ferocious in the Battle of Ukraine, Russia is Ready to Get UAVs Made in Iran
Russia is Ready to Get UAVs Made in Iran

International Military - First footage of Russia's 'Suicide' Kamikaze drone appears. The Kamikaze drone appeared to destroy its target in the war in Ukraine.

Russia itself released the footage from the video feed of the ammunition. It shows drones flying into Ukrainian targets in the first live camera footage of such a UAV in the entire war.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, two different strikes show feeds from the front electro-optical device of the Kamikaze drone. First, he observed their target from a distance and then quickly approached. However, just before the impact, another overhead drone caught the attack.

Kamikaze drones, like Israel's Harop, first made world headlines in 2020 during the Nagorno-Karabakh war. The Harop has a range of 997 kilometers and carries a 22 kilogram warhead. It can fly deep into enemy territory and threaten armored vehicles and heavily fortified positions.

Then the US Switchblade series of ammunition (300, 600, and 700) are currently the most popular, 100 of which arrived in Ukraine in May. This is the Switchblade 300, launched in a tube with folding wings that travels at about 100 kilometers per hour. It carries cameras, guidance systems, and warheads to drop bombs and hit the target itself.

They can be used to destroy tanks, lightly armored vehicles, bunkers, and other lightly armored enemy infrastructure. The Russian Lancet-3 or Kamikaze, on the other hand, is a light wandering munition with a three-kilogram warhead and an endurance of 40 minutes. It is a further development of the KYB Kub (Cube) roaming ammunition, a flying wing design that was battle tested in Syria in 2019.

The Lancet-3 has a take-off weight of 12 kilograms and is launched via a rail-mounted catapult system. It has two sets of X-shaped wings that can be folded and tucked into the carrying case. The fighting in Russia and Ukraine appears to represent the so-called 'drone battle'.

In fact, Russia is now ready to get a deadly drone from Iran. The United States believes Iran is preparing to provide Russia with up to several hundred drones. This includes some capable of carrying weapons, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters.

Sullivan also said the United States had information indicating Iran was preparing to train Russian troops to use these drones. Asked about Sullivan's statement, a spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry neither confirmed nor denied it.

Nevertheless, it is certain that Russia will use Iranian drones in its invasion of Ukraine. Even so, don't know when it will actually happen.

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