Emirates Airbus A380 Flies 14 Hours with Huge Hole in Aircraft Body, Passengers Frightened

Emirates Airbus A380 Flies 14 Hours with Huge Hole in Aircraft Body, Passengers Frightened
Emirates Airbus A380. Lukas Wunderlich/Shutterstock.com

Brisbane - Passengers on an Emirates Airbus A380 flight were terrified when they found a large hole in the side of the fuselage. The hole was only discovered after a 14-hour journey from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Brisbane, Australia.

The Emirates Airbus A380 made a loud noise after takeoff, but the pilot and co-pilot thought it was the sound of a tire burst. However, they got a shock when they landed in Brisbane on 1 July 2022.

Passengers said they heard a loud bang as they flew over the ocean en route to Australia. However, the airline made the decision to continue with the remaining 13 and a half hours of flight.

After an Emirates Airbus A380 flight landed, a mysterious hole was discovered in the fuselage of the fuselage. Emergency services were on standby when the plane landed. "There was a loud bang and I felt it on the floor too," one passenger told the Daily Mail and The Courier Mail in Australia.

"The cabin crew kept calm, stopped the food service and picked up the phone and checked the wings, the engine," the passenger continued on condition of anonymity.

Luckily no injuries were reported and the passengers did not need to be evacuated as the plane landed safely.

Andrew Morris, one of the passengers who on Twitter said he is a professor of human factors at Loughborough University, said: “It was really scary at first and the cabin crew knew something serious might have happened – immediately made contact with the cockpit. Before long, they were back to normal. Their calm demeanor reassured them that it wasn't a disaster."

The plane did not make a return flight as the crew continued to work on the issue in Brisbane. "I guess the pilot thought it was just a flesh wound, and continued the flight for 14 hours," said one Twitter user, commenting on the incident.

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