China Develops Torpedo Submarine Cheap But Has Super Sophisticated Ability

China Develops Torpedo Submarine Cheap But Has Super Sophisticated Ability
China Develops Torpedo Submarine Cheap But Has Super Sophisticated Ability

Beijing - China is known to develop cheap torpedoes with single-use nuclear reactors. In this regard, Chinese scientists are developing a concept for a cheap, fast and small torpedo.

This torpedo is projected to be fired from a conventional torpedo tube. It also turns any submarine into a conventional nuclear force rather than a missile-carrying nuke.

Quoted from the Bulgarian Military, the concept of a torpedo is to use a single-use nuclear reactor to ensure a speed of more than 30 knots or 35 mph. His abilities include finding, tracking, and striking targets within 200 hours underwater.

If during these 200 hours the torpedo fails to hit or hit its target and after the nuclear reactor is discharged, it continues to move and draw energy from the integrated battery. Then, that is what turns it into a non-nuclear or conventional torpedo.

Information about China's new development first appeared in an article in the Journal of Unmanned Undersea Systems. According to the article, Chinese engineers have completed the conceptual design of the new torpedo.

Nonetheless, the torpedo's data was truly highly guarded. Not much is known about this torpedo. At this time, neither of the two sources mentioned above provide specific information about the target that this torpedo will attack. Both the characteristics to the size.

Some experts were quick to compare China's new torpedo with Russia's Poseidon nuclear torpedo. However, even at first glance, there was a huge difference between them. Most important difference: Poseidon uses dirty nuclear warheads that can hit coastal targets. However, it also causes damage by contaminating or infecting certain areas for decades.

Quoted from Naval News, Poseidon is an 'Intercontinental Nuclear Powered Autonomous Torpedo'. These are giant torpedoes that can hit coastal cities with devastating results. Compared to an intercontinental ballistic missile, it is extremely slow, but perhaps unstoppable.

Meanwhile, China's torpedoes use conventional warheads. It is for this reason that experts believe that it will primarily be an attacking torpedo. It should tackle a specific target now, with no future consequences, as well as inflicting less damage.

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