Anna Chapman, Former Spy Which Get in Russia's 100 Sexiest Women List

Anna Chapman, Former Spy Which Get in Russia's 100 Sexiest Women List
Anna Chapman, Former Spy Which Get in Russia's 100 Sexiest Women List

Moskow - Her real name is Anna Kuschneko, but she is better known as Anna Chapman. He is the beautiful spy Russian President Vladimir Putin who entered the list of Russia's 100 sexiest women by Maxim magazine.

Anna, who now claims to have given up her job as a Russian intelligence agent, has lived a life of glamor and mystery. She is now a celebrity and social media star. This blonde woman had infiltrated the United States as a spy for Putin.

During his actions, he disguised himself as an American and diligently gave classified information to the Russian government. As a former spy, Anna showed her easy-going look when she wore "Agent Provocateur" underwear for the cover of the adult men's magazine Maxim.

That magazine named Anna as one of the 100 sexiest women in Russia. The Volgograd native earned an economics degree from Moscow University before she met her future husband, Alex Chapman, in London in 2001. After the couple married, Anna obtained a British passport and worked in a bank before moving to New York. However, the marriage did not last long and in 2006 the couple divorced.

In 2018 it was reported that Alex had died two years earlier, with his family not wanting to share details of his death but insisting it was not suspicious. Anna's covert work in the US is dubbed "The Illegals Program" by the American Department of Justice and it is revealed that she is one of the largest spy networks found on American soil.

It is alleged that while he was active as a Russian spy, he attempted to seduce a member of the Barack Obama administration's cabinet and almost fulfilled his duty. If successful, Anna could gain access to highly sensitive inside information. Colonel Alexander Poteev is a former senior Russian intelligence officer accused of betraying a spy ring involving Anna.

At a trial in Moscow, Alexander was sentenced to 25 years in prison in absentia for high treason and desertion after Anna testified that only Alexander had the necessary information. Anna told the court she was arrested when a US agent used a secret code to contact her that only Alexander and a personal handler knew.

After being arrested by the FBI, Anna and nine other agents are repatriated to Russia through a prisoner swap between the two countries. Since then, Anna's British passport has been revoked. The prisoner swap saw Russian defector Sergey Skripal released and he was later suspected of poisoning with his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.

During the trial in America following her arrest, Anna pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges for passing information to the Russian Federation without being a registered foreign agent.

Russian President Vladimir Putin once appeared on CNN's Larry King Live talking about Anna's work in the United States where he said the spy network was never meant to hurt.

It was also reported that once Anna and other Russian spies returned to their homeland in 2010, they joined Putin for a night that involved a rendition of the Soviet song "From Where the Motherland Begins". Anna and her colleagues were greeted like heroes.

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