Ukraine Says Nothing Will Save Putin From God's Wrath!

Ukraine Says Nothing Will Save Putin From God's Wrath!
Ukraine's Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Serhiy Kyslytsya Says Nothing Will Save Putin From God's Wrath

International Military - Kiev warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about God's wrath as a consequence of his brutal war in Ukraine. The warning was delivered by Ukraine's Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Serhiy Kyslytsya.

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At a mass at St Patrick's Cathedral, New York, at the weekend, Kyslytsya stated that Putin and his associates whom he called "evil" could not be saved by "spells" or the blessing and protection of the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill. "Neither power, soldiers nor wealth will save Putin and his evil allies from the wrath of God," said an angry Kyslytsya, as quoted from Ukrinfrom, Monday (13/6/2022).

This Ukrainian diplomat also mocked Patriarch Kirill. "(They) can wear heavy gold crosses and walk in circles with spells and hummingbirds but war criminals go straight to hell," he said. Speaking at an ecumenical prayer service in memory of the victims of Russia's war in Ukraine, Kyslytsya later urged Putin to repent for his actions.

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Saddened by the loss of thousands of Ukrainians, Kyslystya added; "Spells will not help save him," he said, referring to Putin. "Kiss will win, Ukraine will win and the world will win with it," Kyslytsya hoped, closing her emotional speech.

Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on February 24. As of Monday (13/6/2022), the war has entered its 109th day. Putin, who called Russia's war in Ukraine a "special military operation," launched under the pretext of demilitarizing and denazing Ukraine to liberate Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the nationalist and neo-Nazi camps.

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