Ukraine Hopes To Get Class Submarines From Germany

Ukraine Hopes To Get Class Submarines From Germany
Submarines Class From Germany

International Military - Ruslan Stefanchuk, who is the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, said Germany might provide a submarine for Kiev. He said this during a visit to Germany in the midst of Russia's ongoing military operations in his country.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht on Friday, the head of Ukraine's parliament said the supply of the most modern equipment to Ukraine and prompt decision-making on this issue would bring a "common victory" over Russia closer.

Stefanchuk expressed hope that the IRIS-T surface-to-air missile system will be delivered to Ukraine soon.

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quoted from Russia Today, Sunday (5/6/2022) "I do not rule out receiving submarines from Germany, because we are ready to become the eastern defense border for all of Europe,".

In turn, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht stated that her country will continue to do everything to support Ukraine, not only now, but also in the long term.

Then, concluding the results of his visit to Germany in an interview with Welt TV, Stefanchuk emphasized that Kiev needs modern weapons “first and foremost.” "We can also go to war with old weapons from the old stock, but new weapons are more effective," he said.

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He added that Ukraine expects Germany to provide it with Marder armored vehicles and Leopard tanks, which Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba described last month as Kiev's "dream".

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