The National Interest Leaks The Most Specific And Unexpected Abilities Of Meteor Missiles

The National Interest Leaks The Most Specific And Unexpected Abilities Of Meteor Missiles
The Most Specific And Unexpected Abilities Of Meteor Missiles

International Military - Meteor missile prestige is known to be very deadly. It was so deadly that some of the leading fighter jets used it. Quoted from, Meteor missiles are used in 3 well-known fighter jets such as the Rafale, EF2000 and Gripen. With its use, it is clear that the 3 well-known fighter jets that use Meteor missiles are very capable.

Especially about the ability to do air superiority with Meteor missiles. Moreover, in serving long-range air-to-air combat missions, the quality of the Meteor missile cannot be doubted. Quoted from, the Meteor missile is known to be sophisticated because it has an active radar.

It is known that the Meteor missile active radar has an advanced guidance system. For that Meteor missile can be paired with several fighter jets. Like the F-35, Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, and JAS 39 Gripen can be fitted with Meteor missiles as a mainstay.

Historically, the Meteor missile project was followed by Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Sweden. Mainly to meet the requirements of their future BVRAAM named Meteor missile. And finally the integration of Meteor missile tests on Gripen and Rafale aircraft was carried out in 2004. The design of the Meteor missile was confirmed by trials in several stages.

While the first test fire of the Meteor missile from the JAS 39 Gripen was carried out in 2006. Finally, in June 2012, the Meteor missile was successfully launched from a Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet. In addition, the Meteor missile is designed as a complete unit for air-to-air missiles.

As a result Meteor missiles do not require complicated assembly and maintenance. Because the Meteor missile has been designed to reduce overall logistics support costs. To the extent that there is information if the Meteor missile can be launched as a stealth missile. Because Meteor missiles are equipped with improved kinematics features and slick quality.

Therefore Meteor missiles are able to attack various types of targets simultaneously. Especially in almost all weather can use Meteor missiles. Not to mention the Meteor missile has a length of 3.65m and a diameter of 0.178m. With these dimensions the Meteor missile is designed to be compatible with the AIM-120 type rail.

Therefore there is information if the Meteor missile has an impressive performance. It was clarified that the Meteor missile had a range of more than 100 km. It was even suspected that the Meteor missile's range could reach more than 200 km. With this long effective power, the Meteor missile is designed for speeds of more than Mach 4.

And it could be if the Meteor missile's speed is close to hypersonic speed. Not to mention there is an issue if the Meteor missile has a large no-escape zone. This means that if the fighter jet is locked and shot by a Meteor missile, the potential to dodge is very small.

To that end, Meteor missiles can strike moving targets such as fighter jets. Until UAVs and cruise missiles can be shot down by Meteor missiles. In addition, Meteor missiles have improved tracking capabilities. To the extent that there are claims that the Meteor missile is capable of shooting down a stealth fighter jet. This is because the Meteor missile is equipped with a fragmentation explosion warhead.

Previously, the Meteor missile was supplied by TDW Germany. As a result, the Meteor missile was designed as a structural component of the missile. To that end the Meteor missile also integrates proximity and impact fuses for precise targeting. From these advantages, it is clear that Meteor missiles are very expensive. Moreover, the explanation of the price per unit of Meteor missiles was explained by well-known foreign media. "Each Meteor will cost around 2.5 million Euros each," wrote

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