The Largest Aircraft Carrier 'Fujian' Successfully Amazes, Proof that China Has the Largest Marine Fleet in the World

The Largest Aircraft Carrier 'Fujian' Successfully Amazes, Proof that China Has the Largest Marine Fleet in the World
The Largest Fujian, China's new aircraft carrier

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- China is currently the country with the largest number of naval fleets in the world. In fact, the United States of America had to admit its defeat in the number of its naval fleet from China. Overall, the US is ranked first as the country with the most powerful military power in the world.

However, regarding the number of naval fleets, China won a landslide victory from the United States. Quoted from the Global Fire Power website, China has 777 units of marine defense equipment. In comparison, the US only has 484 units of the fleet. Of the 777 units of the Chinese naval fleet, it is divided into:

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2 aircraft carriers, 1 Helo Carriers, 79 submarines, 41 Destroyers class ships, 49 Frigates, 70 Corvettes, 152 Patrol ships and 36 Mine Warfare ships. The number of these 2 aircraft carriers has now increased by one more unit to 3.

China has just launched its third aircraft carrier, named Fujian. The Fujian aircraft carrier is the largest aircraft carrier currently owned by the Chinese Navy.

Previously, China already had two aircraft carriers, the Liaoning and the Shandong. Fujian is a type 003 aircraft carrier that can carry up to 84 warplanes on board. Remarkably, the Fujian aircraft carrier is referred to by military experts as the most advanced aircraft carrier made outside the United States.

Quoted from the Bulgarian Military, China embeds a new technology in the Fujian aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier Fujian is the first Chinese carrier to use the CATOBAR system. The cativar system is a catapult launch system, this allows the fighter jet to take off on a narrow runway.

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Using electromagnetic technology, the CATOBAR takeoff system can rival Western carriers. The number of fighter jets that can be transported is also increasing. Meanwhile, the previous Liaoning carrier could only accommodate 20 fighter jets and a dozen helicopters.

The aircraft carrier Fujian is 320 meters long and is conventionally driven with integrated electric propulsion. This is different from US aircraft carriers that use nuclear energy.

Quoted from the Naval Post, the Fujian aircraft carrier can operate with an operational range of 10,000 nautical miles without having to refuel. The launch of the Fujian aircraft carrier has indeed attracted the attention of all countries. This is because the construction of the Fujian aircraft carrier has been kept secret from the media and the international public.

The carrier was built by a Chinese company, Jiangnan Shipyard, located in Fujian province. Reported by China Military, the aircraft carrier Fujian has been given the hull number CV-18. Currently, Fujian will undergo mooring and sea testing.

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The aircraft carrier Fujian will not be able to operate immediately in the near future. It will take at least a few more years for it to be fully operational, because China is reportedly still going to perfect the systems and technology embedded in Fujian.

However, the existence of the Fujian aircraft carrier seems to be proof that China wants to establish itself as a country with the largest naval fleet in the world.

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