Saudi Arabia Prepares USD10 Million to Overcome Threat Sinking of Oil Tanker in Yemen

Saudi Arabia Prepares USD10 Million to Overcome Threat Sinking of Oil Tanker in Yemen
Saudi Arabia Prepares USD10 Million to Overcome Threat Sinking of Oil Tanker in Yemen

International Military - Saudi Arabia is offering a $10 million contribution to counter the threat posed to the oil tanker Safer off the coast of Yemen. This was announced by the government aid agency, KSRelief, Sunday (12/6/2022).

"Saudi Arabia has always supported the United Nations' efforts to confront and avoid the potential economic, humanitarian and environmental threats that the oil tanker could pose," KSRelief said in a statement, as quoted by Arab News.

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KSRelief warned that the oil spill could cause a major environmental and navigational disaster threatening the Red Sea coast, fishing communities, international navigation and the entry of food and fuel, and rescue supplies into Yemen.

"This will exacerbate the humanitarian situation and threaten the countries bordering the Red Sea," the aid agency said in a statement. Previously, Saudi Arabia had warned that if oil leaks from the tanker Safer, which contains more than one million barrels and is not maintained since 2015, the world will witness the biggest environmental disaster threatening underwater life, fisheries and biodiversity as a result of the oil spill.

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The decomposing ship is estimated to have a total of about 1.14 million barrels stored on board, and has been left to rust for six years amid Yemen's civil war, after being turned into a floating storage facility. "The need to activate collective action to protect the oceans was highlighted during the commemoration of the United Nations World Oceans Day, on June 8," KSRelief's statement said.

"The ocean is one of the main sources of food and the greatest ally in the face of climate change, and the Kingdom is following international developments in this regard within the framework of conserving the most important marine resources and ecosystems," the statement said.

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According to KSRelief, several meetings and discussions have been held with the international community to support the Safer tanker rescue plan, and support UN efforts to find an appropriate plan to neutralize the potential danger.

Saudi Arabia also asked the United Nations to take the necessary steps to ensure the prevention of oil leakage and move it to a safe place.

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