President Joe Biden Rumored to Want to Destroy the US as Part of Russia's Secret Plan

President Joe Biden Rumored to Want to Destroy the US as Part of Russia's Secret Plan
President Joe Biden Rumored to Want to Destroy the US as Part of Russia's Secret Plan

International Military - Until now, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has still not found a bright spot. It is also known that this conflict has caused various stigmas from various countries. Such as the stigma about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin to rumors about Joe Biden's desire to destroy the United States.

Rumors about Joe Biden's desire to destroy the US is very horrendous public. Quoted from News Week, in the rumors circulating, Joe Biden was accused of being part of a secret Russian plot to destroy the US from within.

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This rumor first emerged from one of the guests on the Fox News show, a former assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury named Monica Crowley. In his video that went viral on Twitter, Crowley said that President Joe Biden and the Democrats deliberately wanted to destroy the US.

"I'm using the word enemy here on purpose because it's hard for most Americans to understand that their President and all the major political parties in the United States are intentionally destroying and paralyzing the United States," Crowley said speaking to Steve Hilton.

Crowley said it was part of the KGB which was the main body of the Soviet Union. "But that's what's happening here. Until we understand it, we won't understand it, we won't be able to fight it in an effective way," Crowley added.

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Hilton then asked the reason why Crowney could think so. Crowley explained that it was a long-term project by the left. "This has been a long-term project by the kiei and actually started in the 1930s and came out of the KGB," he explained.

Crowley also said that this plan was originally conceived by the KGB in the 1930s. Although it is known until recently that the Soviet Union did not establish the agency until 1954. "Initially the KG B operation was to destroy the country and then after World War II the Soviets completely changed their tactics," Crowley said.

Crowley also adds that this has been very effective for decades, and that intruders have taken control of a major pillar of American life. However, until now, there has been no clarification or statement from Joe Biden.

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