President Emmanuel Macron Says France Will Do Everything To Stop Russian Troops

President Emmanuel Macron Says France Will Do Everything To Stop Russian Troops
President Emmanuel Macron Says France Will Do Everything To Stop Russian Troops

International Military - President Emmanuel Macron begins to speak loudly against Russia after he visited French and allied troops at a NATO base in Romania, Wednesday (15/6/2022). Previously, Macron's attitude towards Russia had been in the spotlight of Western countries.

Macron appeared to be seeking to assuage concerns in Ukraine and among some European allies over his earlier stance on Moscow. He arrived in Romania on Tuesday (14/6/2022) for a three-day trip to NATO's southern wing, including Moldova.

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Macron is also reported to be heading to Kiev on Thursday, May 16, 2022, on a visit with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, two diplomatic sources said.

Previously, the French leader had been criticized by Ukraine and its eastern European allies for what they perceived as ambiguous support for Ukraine in the war against Russia. French officials have in recent days sought to amplify the public message.

While Macron appeared to be taking a tougher line on Tuesday night, when he was with his squad. "We will do everything to stop the Russian war forces, to help Ukraine and their army and continue to negotiate," he told French and NATO troops at a military base in Romania. "But for the future, we need to protect, prevent and be present," Macron continued.

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In recent weeks, Macron has repeatedly said it is vital not to "embarrass" Russia, so that a diplomatic solution can be found when the fighting is over and he continues to keep the channels of communication open with the Kremlin.

France leads a NATO battle group in Romania of about 800 troops, including 500 French troops along with others from the Netherlands and Belgium. Paris has also deployed a surface-to-air missile system.

Macron headed to Moldova late Wednesday to support a country that many fear could be drawn into conflict in neighboring Ukraine. The symbolic visit will come a day before the European Commission makes a recommendation on Ukraine's status as an EU candidate.

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