Like in Spy Movies, Israel Successfully Develops Next-Gen Radar Invisibility Xaver 1000

Like in Spy Movies, Israel Successfully Develops Next-Gen Radar Invisibility Xaver 1000
Israel Successfully Develops Next-Gen Radar Invisibility Xaver 1000

International Military - If you are a lover of spy-themed films, you must be familiar with some of the cool equipment of the main character. These sophisticated gadgets are the hallmark of a spy who can elegantly defeat his opponent.

Of the many tools the spy uses, there is one that is iconic and it is even questioned whether this tool really exists. That is a tool that can help spies to see through solid objects, generally thick walls in a building.

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This kind of tool is usually used to spy on what activities are going on behind the walls, or just to find out the number of enemies in the building. Finally, a tool like this is created in real life, Israel-based company Camero-Tech has succeeded in developing a see-through radar.

Named the Xaver 1000, it is believed to be the latest generation of portable radar that can actually see through walls, citing Camero-Tech. Camero-Tech itself is a member of the Samy Katsav Group aka SK Group.

The SK Group is a world-class company renowned as a pioneer in developing, manufacturing and marketing pulse-based UWB micro-power radars, such as the Xaver 1000. As the parent company, SK Group focuses on global defense, such as law enforcement solutions, marine infrastructure and property development solutions.

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The company also develops small arms systems, electro-optical and laser solutions, radar systems, naval solutions, and more. SK Group is known worldwide with a strong track record in technology and has been proven in the field.

"The Xaver 1000 will provide armed forces, law enforcement agencies, intelligence units and first responders with unmatched operations capability," according to Camero-Tech.

Products from the previous Xaver family have also been used by elites in the military, law enforcement, intelligence, SAR in more than 50 countries around the world, citing a source from Interesting Engineering. "The Xaver family provides significant capabilities in information gathering, anti-terror activities, hostage rescue, anti-drug operations, disaster relief and many other operations, so the Xaver 1000 is proving to be a powerful tool for a wide range of organizations," added Camero-Tech.

In its operation, Xaver 1000 relies on AI or Artificial intelligence-based direct target tracking algorithms. The Xaver 1000 has an ability called "Sense-Through-The-Wall" in 3D, allowing it to detect and see people or static objects behind walls.

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This living object can even be seen at high resolution to certain parts of the body, quoting from the Defense Blog. With the Xaver 1000, the operator can tell if an object is sitting, standing, or lying down.

This see-through radar can even measure the height of an object, thus showing whether the object is an adult, a child, or an animal. Very simple, Xaver 1000 can be operated by only one person with only the press of a button to activate it.

There is a 10.1 inch touch screen to control this radar, it is simple in operation and very intuitive. The screen is also completely radiation safe, a system that meets international human exposure standards. The Xaver 1000 is optimized for tactical and ISR operations, making it an essential system for military, law enforcement, search and rescue teams and other units.

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"Radar excels at ensuring the success of life-saving missions in a wide range of operational scenarios," said Amir Beeri, CEO and founder of Camero. "The high-resolution 3D display and other advanced tools, providing extensive situational awareness are capable of achieving extremely high levels of sensitivity," added Camero on the Defense Blog.

It can be concluded that the Xaver 1000 is a true 'game changer' for various types of security units, to carry out urban and rural operations that really require valid information about hidden living objects.

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