Know The Shikishima Class Warship, The Japanese Coast Guard Ship That Is a Big Threat to China

Know The Shikishima Class Warship, The Japanese Coast Guard Ship That Is a Big Threat to China
Japan's Shikishima-class patrol Ship

International Military - Talking about the strength of the Japanese coast guard ships then you definitely know the Shikishima class. The Shikishima class itself is one of the most famous Japanese coast guard ships.

Quoted from, the Shikishima class's fame is known from its fairly large weight. “To date, the largest surveillance vessel is Japan's Shikishima class, which has a displacement of 6,500 tons (about 9,000 tons at full load).

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From this explanation, the Shikishima class is labeled as the largest surveillance ship belonging to the Japanese coast guard. To the extent that there is information that the manufacture of 2 new Shikishima class units is due to the effect of heating up the tension. Especially the increasing tension in the East China Sea which borders the EEZ area of ​​Japan and is guarded by the Shikishima class.

Quoted from, the Shikishima class is made by a well-known shipyard. The famous shipyard is Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) which is known to make the Shikishima class. It is known that the Shikishima class began operating with JCG in 1992.

Historically, the Shikishima class was originally deployed to escort plutonium carriers. And then the Shikishima class was used for patrol missions by the Yokohama Maritime Safety Department. Please note that the Shikishima class often sails to Southeast Asia.

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The Shikishima class cruise is to support international efforts. Especially in the fight against piracy in the Malacca Strait, the Shikishima class has carried out this mission. And you need to know if the Shikishima class is the main mission of maritime patrol.

Then the Shikishima class also conducts search and rescue such as SAR missions in water and coastal aspects. The Shikishima class can also perform anti-piracy and border control roles such as the EEZ.

As a result, the Shikishima class can also provide protection or escort. Especially for Japanese fishing boats can be escorted by the Shikishima class. In addition, the Shikishima class received a contract from JCG in 1989. Finally, the keel for the first Shikishima class ship was laid in April 1990.

The Shikishima class ship was launched in June 1991 and assigned to JCG in April 1992. The second Shikishima class ship, Akitsushima, was launched in July 2012. Until now, 4 units of the Shikishima class are still on active duty.

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Plus if the Shikishima class has a fairly old age. It is known that the age of the first class Shikishima is already 30 years old. From this old age, there is no information if the Shikishima class will be donated.

However, there is no further news about the grant or retirement of the Shikishima class. In addition, the Shikishima class itself is equipped with a crew of 160 people. With this crew, the Shikishima class can survive in the ocean for more than 30 days.

Therefore, the Shikishima class is a coast guard ship with above average capabilities. Not to mention the type of weapon, the Shikishima class is equipped with 2 heavyweight weapons. Like the 35mm caliber cannon and the 20mm caliber cannon in the Shikishima class.

Moreover, the Shikishima class has a pretty good performance. Especially when it comes to speed performance and cruising range, the Shikishima class is the best. It is explained that the Shikishima class has a maximum speed of up to 46 km / h.

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Then for the Shikishima class cruising range can reach 37,000 km in one screen. It is also explained that the Shikishima class is 150 meters long and 16.5 meters wide. Therefore the Shikishima class can accommodate 2 medium class helicopters.

And the medium class helicopter in question is the AS332 which is currently still active in the Japanese coast guard. With the AS332 role, the Shikishima class can carry out other important missions.

It is also known that in the Shikishima class there is an RHIB ship defense system. In addition, the current Shikishima class has 5 units. The first Shikishima class unit was commissioned in 1992.

While the 2nd class Shikishima served in 2013 and was stationed in Yokohama. Then the 3rd class Shikishima was on active duty in 2020. And for the 4th and 5th class Shikishima already on duty in 2021.

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With the 5 units of the Shikishima class, the Japanese EEZ area can be protected and maintained. Considering that Japan's current big threat is China, which also has a large coast guard ship. For this reason, it is clear that Japan with the Shikishima class is a big threat to China.

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