Israel Attacks Syria, Damascus International Airport Flights Suspended

Israel Attacks Syria, Damascus International Airport Flights Suspended
Air operations suspended from Damascus airport

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- Flights to and from Syria's Damascus International Airport were suspended following an Israeli attack on the country's airport early Friday, a source said. Syria Airlines, in turn, said that flights were suspended due to the shutdown of technical equipment as quoted by Sputnik.

Earlier in the day, the Syrian Defense Ministry said that Israel had fired missiles at a number of targets south of Damascus. According to authorities, Syrian air defense systems shot down most of the missiles, but one civilian was injured in the attack.

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Syrian news agency SANA, citing military sources, reported that a Syrian civilian was injured in an Israeli rocket attack near the capital Damascus. "Israel carried out the aerial aggression at 04:20 am on Friday, launching rockets from the occupied Golan Heights targeting facilities south of Damascus," the source was quoted as saying by SANA.

The source said most of the rockets were dropped by Syrian air defenses. "The aggression resulted in one civilian being injured, as well as material damage," the source added. Read also: Israeli missiles pound Syria, 3 Assad soldiers killed Israel occupied the strategic area of ​​​​the Golan Heights in 1967.

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Israel has since used it occasionally to carry out attacks into Syria targeting what it says are Iranian-backed militants. Since the start of the civil war in Syria in 2011, Israel is believed to have carried out regular air strikes against what it describes as "Iran-backed forces in Syria" potentially capable of striking Israel.

The previous airstrike took place near Damascus on May 21, claiming the lives of three people. On May 13, five people were killed in an airstrike in central Syria. On April 27, another Israeli air strike in Damascus left ten militants, including six Syrian soldiers, dead.

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