Britain Says Russia's Advanced Warplanes Use Smartphone GPS Systems

Britain Says Russia's Advanced Warplanes Use Smartphone GPS Systems
Russia's Advanced Warplanes Use Smartphone GPS Systems

London - Despite claims of military and technical superiority, the Russian Air Force appears to be facing problems with its fighter aircraft navigation system.

It is reported that Russian military pilots are still using non-military navigation equipment which is unsafe due to the poor quality of the Russian-made navigation system. Ukraine has shared abundant evidence that Russia has added ready-to-use GPS systems, such as the Garmin, to the cockpits of its fighter planes.

During the interrogation of the captured Russian pilot on June 18, it turned out that he was carrying a Garmin navigator and a smartphone with a soft 'Pronebo' for more accurate navigation, compared to the onboard navigational aids of the Russian Air Force.

Such GPS receivers have been found in downed Russian bombers, attack aircraft, and even military helicopters. In addition, the British defense minister also confirmed that Russia installed a basic GPS device to its fighter jets.

Quoted from the defense-blog, the British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace said that the damaged Russian fighter jet was found with a GPS receiver taped to the dashboard in Ukraine because their built-in navigation system was very poor. He also noted that this was due to the "poor quality" of the Russian-made navigation system. British intelligence says that in the Ukraine conflict to date, the Russian air force has not been able to gain full air superiority and has rarely penetrated deep behind Ukrainian defense lines.

Over the years, much of Russia's air combat training has likely been written and designed to impress senior officials, rather than developing dynamic initiatives among aircrews," the message added. A report by British intelligence explains why Russian pilots and their warplanes have so far found it very difficult and rarely entering Ukrainian lines.

The reason is the implementation of air combat training in recent years, aimed at impressing the Russian high command, but not the development and response to various scenarios. The report says that all these missed opportunities are the reason why the Russian air force is not gaining air superiority in the air. Russia concentrates strength in the main use of cruise and ballistic missiles.

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