About the Russia-Ukraine Invasion, Amnesty International Accuses Russia of War Crimes in Kharkiv

About the Russia-Ukraine Invasion, Amnesty International Accuses Russia of War Crimes in Kharkiv
Amnesty International Accuses Russia of War Crimes in Kharkiv

International Military - Russia has committed war crimes in the city of Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine. Amnesty International (AI) made the accusations, when the rights group accused Moscow of using banned cluster bombs.

AI also accused Moscow of carrying out indiscriminate attacks that killed hundreds of civilians. "The repeated bombings against residential neighborhoods in Kharkiv are indiscriminate attacks that killed and injured hundreds of civilians, and thus constitute a war crime," AI said in a statement, as quoted by Al Jazeera, Monday (13/6/2022).

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It was also reported that since late February, Russian troops have been relentlessly targeting Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine. The attack resulted in hundreds of deaths and massive destruction in the city.

AI said it had found evidence of Russian troops repeatedly using internationally banned weaponry, such as 9N210/9N235 cluster munitions and scattered mines. This weapon is known for its indiscriminate effect. "The people of Kharkiv have faced a barrage of indiscriminate attacks in recent months, which have killed and injured hundreds of civilians," said Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International's senior crisis response adviser.

“The repeated use of widely banned cluster munitions is shocking, and a further indication of the neglect of civilian lives. The Russian forces responsible for this horrific attack must be held accountable for their actions, and the victims and their families must receive full compensation," Rovera added.

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Since Russia invaded its western neighbor on February 24, 606 civilians have been killed and 1,248 injured in the Kharkiv region, the director of the Medical Department at the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration told Amnesty International. Russia and Ukraine are not parties to international conventions that prohibit cluster munitions and antipersonnel mines.

But, Amnesty stressed, "international humanitarian law prohibits indiscriminate attacks and the indiscriminate use of weapons".

"Launching indiscriminate attacks resulting in death or injury to civilians, or damage to civilian objects, constitutes a war crime," he stressed. A large number of Kharkiv residents have been forced to flee the city due to the heavy shelling since the February invasion.

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Al Jazeera's reporting from the city in March showed widespread devastation due to Russian bombing, with Al Jazeera's correspondent describing the city as filled with "apocalyptic scenes" from bombed buildings.

More than six million refugees have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24 to May 11, according to figures from the United Nations refugee agency.

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