3 Allies of the Ottoman Turks in the First World War in 1914

3 Allies of the Ottoman Turks in the First World War in 1914
3 Allies of the Ottoman Turks in the First World War in 1914

International Military - The Ottomans became one of the main contributors to World War I . The Ottomans joined the Central Powers with their allies. The Ottoman Turks fought in the Balkans and the Middle East.

Historically, World War I erupted in 1914. In short, the conflict occurred after the assassination of the Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, which gave rise to a series of other conflicts among Europeans.

The Ottomans themselves who were members of the Central Powers fought against the Allied Powers. So, who were the Ottoman allies in World War I? Here are some of them.

1. Germany

At first, the Ottomans declared neutral and did not side with the allied blocs or the central bloc. However, the Ottoman government at that time wanted to benefit from the war. Quoted from the History website, they finally agreed to the formation of a secret Ottoman-German alliance on July 30, 1914.

As part of the agreement, Germany offered the Ottomans two naval vessels (SMS Goeben and SMS Breslau). This ship marked the entry of the Ottoman Empire into World War I. Furthermore, this German-Ottoman alliance was created as part of a cooperative effort that would strengthen and modernize the ailing Ottoman military.

In addition, this step could also pave the way for Germany to its colonies. Quoted from Military History, Germany is known to be very enthusiastic about an alliance with the Ottomans. In this case, both can benefit equally. The Ottomans could strengthen the Ottoman Empire's relations with European industry. Germany, on the other hand, had easier access to its African colonies.

2. Austria-Hungary

Austria-Hungary was one of the main countries involved in World War I. They were joined in the Central Powers along with Germany and the Ottoman Turks.

Quoted from History Crunch, initially Austria-Hungary was a member of the Triple Alliance with Germany and Italy. At the start of the first world war in 1914, they joined the Ottomans and Germany to form the Central Powers.

Previously, Franz Ferdinand was the grand duke of Austria-Hungary. He and his wife were murdered on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo. Austrian authorities in this case blamed Serbia for the killing. Austria-Hungary gave Serbia an ultimatum.

However, Serbia was angry and asked for help from Russia. Finally, World War I broke out. At that time, Austria-Hungary had 3 million soldiers. In its duties, Austria-Hungary was one of the main powers fighting on the Italian Front, the Serbian Front, and the Eastern Front.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria also became an ally of the Ottoman Turks in World War I. This country began to participate on October 14, 1915. In their duties, they fought in the battle areas of the Balkans. Quoted from History Crunch, as with the Ottomans, at first Bulgaria was a neutral country.

Bulgaria itself is in transition after facing the Balkan Wars. Under pressure from European countries, Bulgaria finally entered World War I and joined the Central Powers. During WW1 the Bulgarian Army was led by the commander-in-chief Nikola Zhekov.

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