17 NATO Member States Conduct Exercises Near Ukrainian Territory

17 NATO Member States Conduct Exercises Near Ukrainian Territory
The flags of NATO member states fly in Brussels

International Military - Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Western countries have indeed provided support and assistance to Kyiv. Some of this assistance is also reported to have provided an opportunity for Ukraine to win the battle against Moscow.

But it became known recently, it was rumored that NATO had held a defense exercise. Quoted from 19fortyfive, it was stated that NATO held exercises in areas close to Ukraine. In this exercise, it also seems to show firsthand the importance of anti-aircraft weapons on the modern battlefield.

Reportedly in this exercise has been followed by 17 NATO member countries in Poland. During the training, participating countries have deployed fighter aircraft to other support aircraft.

This exercise has also been conveyed by one of the British soldiers. According to him, the current defense is very short, but in this case it will be more targeted at the aviation level. However, of course it will be a question mark whether this exercise is carried out in preparation for NATO against Russia?

It is known since before the Russian invasion, NATO has indeed been working to integrate units throughout their translantic alliance. It is even known that his party has tried to instill a doctrine to create power.

So that these forces can operate properly against intruders and enemies. "We are working with other countries. Everyone is working together to be able to integrate and build the attack that we need to achieve," the British soldier added.

Related to this, NATO considers the importance of anti-aircraft weapons systems. Especially this can be seen clearly after looking at the conflict that occurred in Ukraine. It is also mentioned that the Russian Air Force has failed miserably in its efforts to gain superiority in Ukrainian air. In fact, this can also be seen during the four months of the invasion that occurred since last February.

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