Ukraine Uses US-made M-777, Which One Is Superior to Russia's Giatsint-S?

Ukraine Uses US-made M-777, Which One Is Superior to Russia's Giatsint-S?
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International Military - Since Russia invaded the country, Ukraine has received a lot of support from various parties. Apart from support in the form of defence, Ukraine has also received some military assistance. One of the aids Ukraine has received comes from the Joe Biden government, which has promised to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine.

According to the Eurasian Times, the United States has supplied Ukraine with 90 M-777 howitzers. This is part of a US$800 million military aid package. Even in a report, it was reported that all the aid had arrived in Ukraine.

Some of the aid has also been deployed by the Ukrainian military to the battlefield against Russia. The report also comes after a Ukrainian M-777 howitzer was near the Podgornoye settlement. The US aid weapon is known to have been hit by a projectile fired from a Russian UAV.

Not only that, the Russian government has also released a video showing the crew of the 152mm Giatsint-S self-propelled artillery gun. In this case, it is known that the weapon was involved in counter-firing against the Ukrainian unit of the US-made M777 155mm howitzer.

"In the process of fulfilling its counter-battery warfare duties, the Giatsint-S system has eliminated one US-made M-777 Crane howitzer," the ministry said. Regarding the weapons used by Russia, it is reported that this tool is capable of destroying bulls to hardware from the Ukrainian military.

Its advantages have also been conveyed through reports from the Russian state news agency. Which is Better the US M-777 or the Russian Giatsint-S?

The M-777 made in the United States is light in weight, as it weighs less than 4,218 kg. This is because this United States-made weapon is made of titanium and also a new aluminum alloy. With this light weight, of course, it makes the M-777 easier to carry by USMC MV-22 Osprey, CH-47 helicopters, and trucks.

The M-777 is equipped with a 39-caliber barrel, making its maximum firing range of 24.7 without assistance and 30km with the help of rockets. The countries that operate it include Australia, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and the United States

Unlike the M-777, this Giatsint-S weighs 2,800kg, which of course shows that this weapon is heavier than the United States' one. For its firing range, the Giatsint-S provides a slightly more range than the M-777, because it can reach 28.4km with standard bullets and 33km with rocket assistance.

While countries that have used it are Belarus, Ethiopia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

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