The Chinese-made CH-4 Drone Is Unfit To Be On The Battlefield And Is Away From Some Countries

The Chinese-made CH-4 Drone Is Unfit To Be On The Battlefield And Is Away From Some Countries
Chinese-made CH-4 Drone

International Military - It is known that China continues to strive to advance the manufacture of their military weapons. Even in this case, China is reportedly also trying to compete with military weapons made by Russia and the United States.

Reporting from the defense security asia page, one of the military weapons that is currently said to have equality with other state weapons is the drone. Unfortunately, it is currently reported that many countries have decided to stop using the Chinese-made CH-4 drone.

Even with this previously they have spent hundreds of dollars to get this CG-4 drone. With the actions of many countries that have decided to stop the use of Chinese-made drones, of course this will have bad consequences.

In addition, this action can also tarnish the good image of China as the world's leading arms manufacturer. The reason why many countries have decided to stop is still uncertain. However, this will certainly raise the question of whether this Chinese-made drone is really worthy of being on the battlefield or not. In a report, among the many countries that use this CH-4 drone is Jordan.

Which recently they decided to resell the CH-4B Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) made in China. Although it was also known beforehand that the Middle Eastern country had just bought it in the last two years.

It is known that the Jordanian military has purchased up to six CH-4 combat drones. Reportedly, Jordan's reason for selling was because he was not satisfied with the performance shown by the drone. So this makes them decide to stop using it until they sell it again.

This was also conveyed by the Jordanian international defense news portal regarding the reasons for the resale of the CH-4 drone. It should be noted that the CH-4B combat drone has indeed been developed by the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, which is also under the auspices of CASC.

In his claim, the CH-4B is capable of carrying "Blue Arrow7" missiles, TG100/INS/GPS guided bombs, and also AR-1/HJ-10 anti-tank missiles.

It is reported that this CH-4 combat drone has a design similar to a predatory drone made in the United States. Even CASC is also said to have copied the design of the US drone, so several countries in the Middle East have also decided to buy the Chinese drone. Which is what happened, because some of these countries failed to acquire the United States predatory drones.

Apart from Jordan, it turns out that Iraq has also given the same complaint regarding this Chinese-made drone, which had previously purchased as many as ten units. Due to the delay in maintenance, it is known that the Iraqis can only use one of the ten existing drones. This is due to a very critical maintenance problem.

Whereas in 2012, Algeria also bought this combat drone from China. However, it was reported that some of the drones were said to have crashed due to control problems. For other technical problems, several countries also reported, such as Pakistan and Nigeria.

Another thing that is not less important than the report is that there are civilians in Yemen who have died as a result of being hit by debris from a downed drone. However, until now, there has been no clarification from China regarding the problem with the CH-4 drone.

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