Stealth Tank Battle Russian Hyacinth-S Howitzer VS US M-777 in Ukraine, Which is the Best?

Stealth Tank Battle Russian Hyacinth-S Howitzer VS US M-777 in Ukraine, Which is the Best?
Russian Hyacinth-S Howitzer VS US M-777

International Military - The battle between two stealth tanks belonging to the US and Russia is increasingly volatile on the Ukrainian mainland. Of course, the US sent supplies of weapons to Ukraine to crush Russia. But Russia did not want to just stand still, he also issued the best weapon it has. The Russian self-propelled Hyacinth-S (2S5 Giatsint-S) howitzer was deployed against the US M-777 howitzer on the Ukrainian battlefield.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a video showing the 152 mm Hyacinth-S self-propelled howitzer (ACS) in action during the Russo-Ukrainian battle. This self-propelled gun was responsible for destroying the 155 mm M-777 artillery unit the US recently provided to Ukraine.

Launching from Defense View, the Hyacinth-S is a 152mm self-propelled howitzer that was introduced to the battlefield by the Soviet Union in 1976 and continued to be built until 1991, with several upgrades. An open turret is used on the Hyacinth-S self-propelled gun. It uses a modified chassis of the SA-4 Krug surface-to-air missile system with good cross-country mobility, and can carry 30,152 mm rounds with a range of 28 kilometers, or 33-40 kilometers for rocket-assisted projectiles.

This self-propelled howitzer using Centimeter and Krasnopol guided missiles greatly improves shooting accuracy. The “ultra-light” M-777 towing howitzer, 155 mm in caliber, entered service with the US Army in 2005. The M-777 gun is actually a British design, but final assembly is carried out in the US The normal firing range of the M-777 cannon is 25 km; The M777 can be combined with the M982 Excalibur GPS-guided ammunition, which allows accurate fire at a range of up to 40 km.

The system features a highly accurate Digitized Artillery computerized fire control system, which uses GPS satellite signals and data received from drones, for targeting. The advantage of the Hyacinth-S gun is that it has its own self-propelled path, allowing the self-propelled gun to reach speeds of up to 60 km/h. The M-777 cannon is a towed Howitzer that can be transported by heavy transport helicopter or truck.

The former commander of the 58th Army of the Russian Army, Lieutenant General Anatoly Khrulev, explained the principle of artillery battle tactics, also known as artillery counterattack. “The peculiarity of the artillery battle is that the two sides do not meet each other at a considerable distance,” he said. This was during the Russo-Georgian war of 2008.

The Georgian Army artillery batteries were fired from positions on the territory of the country, without entering the territory of South Ossetia, which the Russian gunners did not see.

However, Georgian artillery could not see Russian artillery with the naked eye. But the artillery reconnaissance squad played an observation role, including acoustic reconnaissance and artillery radar reconnaissance. "And we won the artillery duel, surrounding the artillery positions of the Georgian Army with such precision that they stopped appearing and stopped firing," said Lieutenant General Anatoly Khrulev.

In the current situation, in the duel between the Russian Giacintov-S and the American M-777 howitzers, new methods of artillery reconnaissance were used, mainly aerial reconnaissance through aerial reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

It can be assumed that the Russian Army also has access to satellite-transmitted space intelligence data, and target coordinates. At the same time, voice reconnaissance methods are also used.

"When enemy artillery fires, acoustic reconnaissance stations will collect and calculate to detect the position of Ukrainian artillery, combined with other means of reconnaissance such as radar or reconnaissance with optical weapons. Judging from the results of artillery battles, Russian artillery is much better in this art," Mr Sergey Belousov added.

The M777 is a lightweight, maneuverable 155mm howitzer made by the US division of BAE Systems with a maximum range of 25 miles. The M-777 howitzer is a modern weapon, according to military experts, the M-777 cannon itself is not very difficult to use with the gunner. However with commanders from captain battery and above, it was a rather complicated job.

To calculate the fire element, troops when they have to use multiple devices, including UAVs, can not only observe the entire battlefield, but also digitize it to the exact coordinate level. This requires training, synergy and precision. This requires intense training. 

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