Singapore's Archer Class Submarine Dubbed 'Hunter Killer' Which Has Scandinavian Stealth Technology

Singapore's Archer Class Submarine Dubbed 'Hunter Kiler' Which Has Scandinavian Stealth Technology
Singapore's Archer Class Submarine Dubbed 'Hunter Killer'

International Military - The Singapore Navy is indeed a great power in the ASEAN region. By being labeled as a great power in the ASEAN region, the Singapore Navy has good quality. Especially the slick quality of the technology of several ships that are still active in the Singapore Navy. Especially the Singapore Navy frigate class which is known to be the most advanced in ASEAN today

Informed from the page, the Singapore Navy frigate is a Formidable class. It is known that the Singapore Navy has 6 units of Formidable class. Not only the Formidable class, but there are units labeled as hunter killers with stealth technology that the Singapore Navy relies on.

It is known that the Singapore Navy stealth technology hunter killer fleet is a submarine. And the Singapore Navy submarine is an Archer class.

Citing, the Archer class of the Singapore Navy is still serving as many as 2 units. It is stated that the Archer class of the Singapore Navy is an upgrade from the Västergötland class of the Swedish Navy. From the upgrade label, the Archer class can only carry 28 crew members. This means that the internal technology in Archer class submarines is all very sophisticated. Especially sophistication, there is a computerized and automated system in the Archer class.

In addition, the Archer class itself has a pretty interesting displacement weight. It is clarified that the weight of the Archer class displacement on the surface is around 1,400 tons. While the displacement weight when diving, the Archer class weighs around 1,500 tons.

It should also be noted that the Archer class uses an electric diesel system. With the diesel electric system in the Archer class, stealth technology. Stealth in the sense that the diving power and movement power of the Archer class are difficult to detect by the opponent. For this reason, it is clear that the Archer class is suitable for various types of operations. Starting from underwater infiltration operations, defensive, and offensive operations as well as sabotage can be carried out by the Archer class.

However, the Archer class itself is historically a former ship from the Swedish Navy. Even though it's labeled used, the Archer class's internal and external technology is amazing. One of them is the AIP technology which is apparently in the Archer class as its flagship.

In addition, the Archer class apparently incorporates a single hull design. With this, the Lambung Archer class integrates a complete 8 meter long Stirling AIP section. As a result, the Archer class also has two pressure-tight compartments. This advanced tool is intended if the Archer class can increase the safety and survivability of the crew.

Then the Archer class has enhanced stealth abilities. For that Archer class can avoid detection by enemy troops. And the Archer class dimension has a length of 60.5m. From this length, the width of the Archer class is about 6.1m. Then the Archer class height is around 11.8m which makes it quite ideal. Then the Archer class system has a system (C4I) that functions as a command.

As a result, the Archer class is equipped with a weapon command and control system. For this reason, the Archer class has active and passive sonar and surface detection radar. Meanwhile, the electronic counter action and integrated navigation system are in the Archer class.

The modern sonar system in Archer Class submarines allows object detection. Especially long-distance objects can be detected by the Archer class through the surface of the water.

In addition, the Archer class is armed with six 533mm torpedo tubes. And three 400mm in the Archer class. The 533mm Archer class tube can launch heavy anti-ship torpedoes.

While the Archer class 400mm tube is capable of launching light anti-submarine torpedoes. And what makes the Archer class quality is the onboard torpedo system. As a result, the Archer class can provide the ability to attack targets at a distance.

For this reason, Archer class submarines are currently only owned by Singapore, especially in the ASEAN region. Moreover, if the Archer class becomes a submarine made in Scandinavia, Sweden. Then for matters of performance Archer class is also quite fantastic.

It is said that the Archer class has a fairly fast diving speed. While the speed of sailing on the surface is also very ideal. But unfortunately if the Archer class is still a secret about the durability at sea. Moreover, the Archer class roaming distance is also still a secret. But what is clear is that the Archer class is a submarine that has modern quality technology.

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