Ready to Fight Russian Threats, Sweden Has Weapons to Competent Soldiers

Ready to Fight Russian Threats, Sweden Has Weapons to Competent Soldiers
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Intenational Military - It is known that Sweden has always been one of the countries that prefers to be neutral. But some time ago, it became known that the Swedish government revealed that they had volunteered to join NATO.

This desire from Sweden, of course, also led to a reaction from Moscow, which was eventually found to be a threat to the country. However, according to the ny times post, Sweden stated that they were ready to use their weapons and fight back. This will be done, if the sovereignty of their country begins to be disturbed and is no longer safe.

Quoted from the Eurasian times page, the Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson said that his party was currently under the threat of Russia. But he said that Russia's invasion of Ukraine could not only be called illegal. But it has also provided a threat and danger to the Swedish state itself.

The threat began to be felt by Sweden when four Moscow warplanes flew in their airspace. The four planes are 2 units of the SU-27 type and 2 units of the SU-24 that flew in the Swedish area last March.

As a result of this, Sweden also responded to the aggression with their JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets as a form of emergency preparedness. In another report, there is a claim that nuclear-armed Russian bombers have entered Swedish territory.

This of course makes the feeling of anxiety and worry in Sweden even higher. But this of course will not make Sweden undaunted, because this country is also said to have a great military.

It should also be noted that Sweden is one of the major producers of weapons and military equipment. They have developed many products, such as Saab, Bofors, to the BAE system.

For the BAE system it is known that recently, Sweden has signed a contract with the British Ministry of Defence. Not only that, Sweden is also one of the best and most advanced aircraft and missile producing countries in the world.

Sweden has also become a country that has a formidable army and is often referred to as the strongest in the world. One of the defense analysts, Geisenheyner said that Sweden had designed a total defense. Which in this case, they have been on standby in the face of all attacks from the opposing country.

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