Perform Air Show in France, 2 Rafale Fighter Planes Collision In The Air

Perform Air Show in France, 2 Rafale Fighter Planes Collision In The Air

International Military - Two Rafale warplanes collide in France. Which this happened when the two Rafale fighter planes were conducting an air show in Cognac Southwest France.

Reporting from the Aero Time page, the two aircraft are known to belong to the Vautour Bravo tactical display team of the 30th Combat Wing. Not only that, it is also known that they have just won the Silver Tiger award for the best display at the NATO Tiger Meet 2022 in Araxos, Greece.

Regarding the chronology of the accident, the commander of the 709 Cognac Chateaubernard air base, Colonel Nicolas Lyautey said that during the presentation, the two Rafale aircraft of the 30th Fighter Wing were in direct contact during the flight.

As a result of this accident, it is known from photos circulating on social media showing that the top of the Spartan Rogue's fin was severed. This section also covers some of the sensors from the very important SPECTRA Rafale electronics circuit.

In addition, it is also known that a missile launch detection system whose optronic was thrown was found in the village of Gensac la Pallue. Meanwhile, another image that was also spread was that the left wing tip of the missile pylon looked damaged.

However, the French air and space forces have yet to confirm this. As for the condition of the pilot successfully landing safely, even without any injuries. As of now, the French investigative bureau for the country's aviation safety (BEA-E) is conducting an investigation to identify the cause of the incident.

In this case, the Air Base Commander, Colonel Lyautey revealed that this matter must be prioritized is safety. "In aeronautics, there is only one priority, safety, we have to understand what's going on," he said.

It is also known that of the two planes that crashed, one of them was a Rafale 30-GA. This plane was recently painted with a tiger paint scheme for the NATO exercise Tiger Meet held by Greece.

It was reported that the Tiger Meet practice had been going on for more than ten days earlier this month. The exercise has also included the downed Rafale planes, German Eurofighters, Belgian F-16s, as well as Swiss and Spanish F-18s.

The other plane that was damaged was the Rafale C from the tactical demonstration team formed in 2019. Usually the demonstration will take place within 10 minutes with the pilot demonstrating the operation of their aircraft.

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