Okhotnik-B, Combat Drone That Will Operate With the Su-57 in the Future, Capable of Carrying 2 Tons of Ammunition

Okhotnik-B, Combat Drone That Will Operate With the Su-57 in the Future, Capable of Carrying 2 Tons of Ammunition
The S-70 Okhotnik-B, also referred to as Hunter-B, is a Russian-made stealth heavy unmanned combat aerial vehicle. Photo: YouTube / Screengrab

International Military - The Okhotnik-B or Hunter-B is a Russian-made heavyweight attack drone. This drone from Sukhoi is reported to have received a lot of upgrades to its stealth capabilities.

According to 19FortyFive, the Okhotnik-B represents Russia's path to technology for its future air force. The Okhotnik-B drone shares many of the same characteristics as the future-oriented fifth-generation multi-role fighter jet Su-57.

Although still in the development stage, Russia's efforts to improve the stealth capabilities of the Okhotnik-B show how versatile this attack drone is. Sukhoi itself is developing an export version of the Su-57, some modernizations are underway.

These modernizations include the incorporation of a second stage engine and improvements to the cockpit, and the most eye-catching is that this latest version will have dual seats. The dual seat is important because the fifth generation Su-57 fighter jet will operate with a number of future Okhotnik-B attack drones.

In fact, the idea to include two seats came from the IAF (Indian Air Force) but the idea was rejected. Russia's opinion eventually changed about the need for the Su-57 to have two seats, as it would operate with attack drones. One pilot would remain in charge of flying the aircraft, while the other would focus on operating the drones.

Get to know Russia's attack drone, Okhotnik-B

The Okhotnik-B attack drone has a weight of up to 20 tons and a width of 19 meters that can go up to subsonic speeds or 1,000 km / h with a range of 3,700 miles. Okhotnik-B or Hunter-B was developed since 2011 and was first introduced in August 2019.

Development began when Sukhoi received a contract from the Russian Ministry of Defense to build a heavyweight attack drone. According to 19FortyFive, the development of the Okhotnik-B drone is closely related to the development of the Su-57, meaning they both share a large number of components. And as discussed above, the Okhotnik-B attack drone will later serve the missions of the upgraded Su-57.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko told 19FortyFive that the Okhotnik-B drone is capable of working both autonomously and in groups.

Additional "eyes" for the Su-57

The Okhotnik-B was designed as an "eye" for the Su-57 during missions. About two to four Okhotnik-B drones will operate alongside the fighter jets, according to the National Interest. The drone is likely to carry out reconnaissance missions, with a number of advanced sensors providing information to the Su-57 via a data-link.

What's more, the four Okhotnik-Bs participating will broaden the view of Su-57 pilots, providing targeting information to help signal the long-range R-37M missile. Although built for reconnaissance, the Okhotnik-B is still an attack drone, it can carry up to 2 tons kg of ammunition in its internal storage.

With its stealth-focused design, the Okhotnik-B will pose a real threat to its enemies. And more importantly, they can carry out attacks without endangering the Su-57 pilots, why?

A test pilot named Evgeny Frolov confirmed that this drone can track and attack enemies in a completely autonomous manner. "This system will be fully automated, it will likely not have manual controls," he said in the National Interest.

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