J-20 Mighty Dragon and Su-57 Combat Patrol Together, Which is the Superior Fighter Jet?

J-20 Mighty Dragon and Su-57 Combat Patrol Together, Which is the Superior Fighter Jet?
J-20 Mighty Dragon and Su-57 Next Generation Fighters

International Military - Russia's relations with China seem to be getting closer. Although Russia was subject to various sanctions, but that did not make China then withdraw from its 'friendship'. It is known, China's PLA Air Force (PLAAF) said that the Russian J-20 and Su-57 can participate in joint combat patrols.

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense announced that the Chinese and Russian Air Forces are conducting joint strategic patrols. The patrols were carried out over the Sea of ​​Japan, East China Sea and West Pacific Ocean as part of their annual military cooperation plan. China's PLA Air Force dispatched its advanced H-6K strategic bomber.

Meanwhile, the Russian Air Force sent the Tu-95MS strategic missile carrier for joint strategic patrols. Song Zhongping, China military expert and TV commentator, told the Global Times recently that fighter jets would be very effective in dealing with the battlefield environment. Moreover, the battlefield environment is constantly changing.

The J-20 Mighty Dragon, which is indicated as an Asian-made stealth fighter jet, is also considered a solution. Moreover, if it is connected to the Su-57 stealth fighter jet. According to Song, this will result in a significant increase in the overall combat capability of the fleet.

Although heavy bombers were a formidable asset, fighter jets were often required to escort these bombers because they were not designed for air-to-air combat. However, on the other hand, the stealth fighter jet can effectively engage in aerial combat with great success due to its ability to evade radar.

Quoted from the National Interest, the Su-57 is likely to have superior performance when compared to the Chinese J-20. The Su-57 has three-dimensional thrust vectoring capability and sufficient thrust. Not only that, the Su-57 likely has excellent low-speed high-angle attack maneuverability. Even with the current Saturn AL-41F1 after burning the turbofans, each of which has 32,500 lbs of thrust.

Russian jets should also have excellent supersonic performance. As for that includes some degree of supersonic cruising capability even with the current AL-41F1 engines. While the Su-57 has an excellent aerodynamic design, the Russian jet is far more stealthy than China's Chengdu J-20. Neither the J-20 nor the Su-57 are particularly stealthy compared to American fifth-generation fighters.

In comparison, the J-20, which appears to be heavily based on the F-22 and F-35 technology, puts more effort mainly on reducing the frontal radar cross-section. behind the fuselage.

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