Deadly, Russian Giatsint-S Rifle Successfully Destroys US M777 Howitzer

Deadly, Russian Giatsint-S Rifle Successfully Destroys US M777 Howitzer
Russian Giatsint-S Rifle

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- Russia has successfully destroyed a US-made M777 howitzer in Ukraine. the destruction was carried out using a Russian Giatsint-S self-propelled artillery gun. This is even claimed directly by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

As is known, the US has supplied 90 M-777 howitzers to Ukraine as part of an $800 million military aid package. It is reported that all but one have reached Ukraine, with several now deployed on the front lines. 

Reporting from the Eurasian Times, the Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video. The video shows the crew of a 152mm Giatsint-S self-propelled artillery gun purportedly involved in counter-battery firing against a Ukrainian unit of the US-made M777 155mm howitzer. "In the process of fulfilling its counter-battery warfare duties, the Giatsint-S system removed one US-made M-777 155mm crane howitzer," the ministry said in a statement.

A Russian team of Giatsint-S self-propelled artillery guns destroys Ukrainian fortifications, manpower and military hardware. After each artillery strike and detecting enemy unmanned aerial vehicles, the Giatsint-S team quickly changed their firing positions, TASS reported.

Reporting from Army Technology, the M777 is an artillery system for the Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT). The M777 is typically operated by a crew of eight, but can be operated with detachments minus five. The system equipped with a digital fire control system is called the M777A1, and a system with a software update that enables the firing of Excalibur projectiles, the M777A2.

The M777 was deployed by the US Army and Marine Corps to Afghanistan in December 2007 and to Iraq in 2008. Additionally, the self-propelled 152 mm 2S5 Giatsint (hyacinth) was developed in 1968.

 Launching Military Today, the rifle is currently in service with Russia (569 units plus more than 500 units in storage), Belarus (120 units) and Ukraine (24 units). The 2S5 Giatsint is equipped with a 152 mm/L54 gun without a turret.

The gun is equipped with a load assistance system with a maximum rate of fire of 5-6 rounds per minute.

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