Deadly Opposing Russia, Indian Media Reveals Secret Ukrainian Weapons That Moscow Was Not Expecting

Deadly Opposing Russia, Indian Media Reveals Secret Ukrainian Weapons That Moscow Was Not Expecting
Ukrainian servicemen unpack Javelin anti-tank missiles, delivered as part of US security assistance to Ukraine, at the Boryspil airport outside Kyiv, Feb. 11, 2022.

International Military - The bloody conflict between Russia vs Ukraine is still ongoing. The invasion launched by Russia since the end of last February uses various types of defense equipment owned by Moscow. The Russian Red Bear Army has destroyed various areas of Ukraine by bombarding it.

Recently, the well-known Indian media,, also discussed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Not just discussing the conflict, in fact the well-known Indian media also mentioned the US involvement. In his report, the two recent incidents that occurred were said to have involved US intelligence.

“The two incidents that came to light last week underscore the role of US intelligence in the Ukraine war. The first information revealed that the US provided some intelligence that allowed the Ukrainian armed forces to target and destroy a Russian command post, where a large number of Russian generals were killed." explained the well-known Indian media.

The second incident was the flow of US information regarding the sinking of the cruiser Moskva from the Black Sea Fleet.” he explained. Sources citing a report from, explained that the administration of US President Biden does not appear to have officially acknowledged US involvement in the submarine disaster. But officials in the intelligence community are clearly open to journalists when there are suggestions for referring the case.

The reports obtained to date are very vague about how the data provided by the US match the information systems of the Ukrainian armed forces.

For maximum efficiency, data is quickly distributed to frontline units that can use this intelligence before it becomes obsolete. In war, with the right information but the wrong timing, the result is still wrong.

"We don't know the extent to which the US communicates information to its Ukrainian counterpart," commented Over the past few decades, the US has built an impressive array of systems designed to sift information from complex spaces and turn it into actionable intelligence.

The current military intelligence system has been around since the 1970s (with its predecessors even going back to World War I). However, the system has been honed during the War on Terror, to track the movements and activities of small units and even individuals in large open spaces and complex urban environments.

The system collects information from satellites, interceptors, electromagnetic spectrum, cyberspace, drones and other aircraft as it becomes available. “This system represents half of the so-called reconnaissance attack complex, making it possible to see the targets that the gunmen will destroy later. It is the most modern incarnation run through ground combat since the last days of World War I.” he added.

According to the assessment, the US surveillance system is superior to the Russian system, and the Biden administration has basically implemented this system to help Ukraine fight against Russian forces. “The importance of informing in a high-intensity war cannot be really stressed and the US can try to find loopholes from the Russian military power and help Ukraine deal the high damage to Russian troops.

There is no doubt that there are synergies between the surveillance systems and the weapons the US and other countries have transferred to Ukraine. Intelligence was able to identify weakly guarded armored columns that could be attacked and destroyed with Javelin missiles.

Soon, the long-range Ukrainian artillery sent by the US will be able to hit important Russian military targets from miles away. Information gathered from the US can be validated and integrated with video footage provided by the TB2 drone, facilitating more lethal strikes against Russian forces.

In particular, the system will be more effective when the weather in Ukraine is clear, US satellites can provide more information about the movement and deployment of Russian troops. But of course, there is danger in all this.

Providing intelligence to Ukrainian forces on the ground does not mean that the US will go to war with Russia under any legal form, but it does mean that the US is deeply involved in the conflict in a way that is arguably more important in the transfer of large quantities of military equipment to Ukraine.

Basically, the US is telling Russian soldiers 'we see you and we can kill you'. But, it remains to be seen how Russia will respond to the US." he explained. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not without a peaceful solution. However, to date a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine has not been reached.

Therefore, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing. The Western world, in fact, has showered Russia with various sanctions. However, Russia persisted and continued to launch attacks on Ukraine. Instead of being afraid, Russia even issued a new policy regarding the gas it sells to Europe.

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